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WTF Lana?

Hey Angels!

So now you’re all caught up with the beginning of how we had the Great Pause in the store. 

Basically that whole day, it was pretty awkward for Lana and me. I can’t say I blame us. We just did it you know?

And then we didn’t even blame it on alcohol lol because the next morning we woke up and did it again. Life sort of changes when you see your best friend make her orgasm face and you know you made her get there. 

So yeah we kinda stayed out of each others way. 

Also its important to know that IT Guy never texted or did anything. I’m sorta glad I didn’t let him put his cock anywhere inside of us because he never really called or anything. 

So I was writing all day that day afterwards and I guess so was Lana. hahaha I’m not gonna lie I was probably looking at Kendall Jenner’s Instagram feed and Lana was writing. So I got some food from downstairs and I texted Lana when I was downstairs (we have a gourmet grocery at the base of our building that sells already cooked food in prepared meals) and I was like hey you want anything and she said just a yogurt. 

So I brought it up and we sorta sat there eating in silence. And then we kinda looked at each other. 

And we started making out again!

And then we had sex on like the couch again. 

So fun fact about Lana. She’s a squirter 

Anyways I went to sleep on the couch and when I woke up Lana wasn’t there. I figured she went to her room. 

And so I went to my room. 

But the next morning Lana wasn’t there. And her room was empty. 

So I spent the whole day waiting and writing (more like going to the gym and wondering if we were gonna have sex again and watching Netflix) and still no Lana. 

So this is where I fucked up Angels. 

Because when we started doing it with IT Guy it just felt really forbidden and taboo and dirty and wrong and that’s what made it so great. Like it felt good to be nasty. But I didn’t say anything to Lana about it because it was already awkward enough. 

So that’s why I didn’t text her at all either all day. And she never came home. 

So this is the beginning because now I was in the apartment and where was Lana???

More to come!


4 thoughts on “WTF Lana?

  1. (((hugs)))

  2. Hope everything works out okay for y’all. You’re such a great team and it would be shame if that ended again. Hope y’all can talk it out with a great end of this saga <3

  3. I think it’s great that your exploring different things. I’m actually surprised that this hasn’t happened before.
    But poor Lana she must be so confused. She’s been through a lot this last year, you both have.
    I really hope you both can work this out.
    I was so excited when we finally got everyone back. I couldn’t bear it if we lost the Angels again.

  4. Ok that’s definitely a lot that happened for sure! But to be honest u really didn’t have to share that’s very private. I appreciate the update for the silence tho. I do have to voice tho there are still things left unsaid like WineBar and Aiden. You both had thoughts things going on with them and we never heard the outcome
    Cuz you’re so good at cliffhangers. Alexis u mentioned u talked to WineBar and we still haven’t heard. And Aiden was into Lana but respected her and wanted to take it slow. Now u say he is surprising her in Indiana. So that’s where I’m coming in and I’m sure the angels on my behalf are wondering! Spill the tea Angel Queens!!!

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