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Writing in the male-only POV

Hey Angels,

Thanks for tuning into thoughts of Gage. I wanted to drop a note on the blog here and talk with you lovely ladies because something’s been on my mind.

I used to write only in the male POV, all my chapters, and I gave writing female POV a try, too. I loved it.

What can I say, I love being inside a woman.

But, yeah. See, you Angels welcomed me with open arms/wings and I was so happy to write here. Still am.

So I have decided to go back to writing filthy alpha males that are dirty and downright honest with their readers.

I wanted to ask you what you like most about writing that’s in the male POV, and what gets you excited?

For me I love writing the sex scenes so a woman can see how a real man thinks about his woman.

Let me know, baby, and maybe the next book, I’m talking to you.

6 thoughts on “Writing in the male-only POV

  1. I would love any sex scene you write ☺️

  2. Yes! Daddy Yes!! Love an Alpha Beast in the sheets. Not that he needs to be a bossy pants I think it’s the communication that is happening in the exchange. We want to know that we’re pleasing you too. What you like that we are doing. Who wouldn’t want to be inside a mans head during sex! The emotions, his needs, his fantasy. I’m always wondering does he see all my figure flaws.. I really like to take my time and worship my hubs body because anticipation can be sexy too. I like being “in charge” of sexy time too. Where he can just lay back and enjoy.

  3. Yes, I like reading something from the guy’s POV. It helps a girl to better understand what you are experiencing and what we might be able to improve at to make it better for both of us.

  4. Yes, Gage I love reading male point of views love stories. I have really missed your email newsletters. I am glad you are back with the Angels Publishing. My computer crashed son the book of yours I had I lost when my computer crashed. I don’t remember the title of the book though.

  5. Can you write about the male need to fix things? Nearly every man in my life — from my dad, to my son, to my last SO — would listen (briefly), then respond with, “What you need to do…”
    Tell us why, when a woman complains/rants/whines/cries/
    whatever, guys can’t just listen, offer a hug, and a dish of ice cream, and let the female figure out her own solution.

  6. Oh, man! “a real man”… Hmmm…
    Obviously your male pov would be from a real man’s point of feel, tactile, emotionally, or anything else, so yeah, loving the insight. The power play in the alpha mind is part of the turn on, but only if it’s not too obliterating – in my personal opinion, mind you.
    But… the idea that any specific attitude makes a guy a “real” man?
    Is that really a thing?
    A real man, and a real woman, will always, in my personal opinion, again, are real only when they’re not faking it – with each other AND with themselves. Everything else is legit.

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