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Writer Conference. But Not Store Friendly!

Whoa. So to be clear, the writer conference was full of friendly and awesome people. lol, but I didn’t realized because, the last few times I went to Vegas, I didn’t have this issue… didn’t run into it…
But Vegas doesn’t give a fuck if you want wifi. It’s slower that shit and you’re never connecting to anything.
I couldn’t get emails out. Could barely get anything into Angel Access and then it wasn’t updated, and, see above, no emails!!!
Everyone who works on the damn store was AT the conference so it was like, well, fuck.
And when I got back, I’m really sorry I didn’t update sooner but I got so. little. sleep. See, I went to all these panels. I took notes. I met lots of awesome writers. Then, I stayed up all night to network and like hang out with the awesome writers…
And I got like zero sleep! About an hour or two every day.
All the smoking in Vegas – none of it by me, mind you, but I consumed a lot of nicorette, and then the constant busy nature of everything, and I was just totally exhausted.
I slept for 20 hours when we got back. I know Lana did, too, even though she’s making a sorta late lunch right now. I appreciate her making us salads right now because we lived on McDonalds!!!
We were SO SO SO busy!
Vivien and I, in a state of vodka and enthusiasm, even wrote some new stories while we were in Vegas. The editors are almost done with them and holy crap I’m excited for when the covers are done.
But the cover designer came with us, too, and we’re actually about to go to Starbucks. We need coffee in the woooooooorst way, babes!! Aiden came and basically woke us up earlier. He brought a first cup of coffee for everyone but I need more!
Cara’s all excited by the way because like there’s photoshop for iPad now. Anyone use it? She’s been talking about it non frigging stop and I’m just so excited for her too because she said covers will be faster and better, and she’s already fast and fantastic, so this may be magic.
I wanted to say all these amazing things about how much I loved meeting great writers, being inspired, etc. But right now I’m just mentally getting my brain back together. More this week.
But we have like SEVERAL books that are in Angel Access and we’ll start up with new releases again very soon. Aiden’s also going to post on the blog, a working excerpt of what he and Lana have been writing, a bully stepbrother dark story!!!
Look for the email today for all the links babes!
I missed you all so much Angels!!!

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  1. It sounds like it was fun and productive so yeah for Vegas.

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