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Wow…what should I do, angels?

So Alexis got all dolled up last night to go out with Gym Bro and Gym Rat. She left around 9 pm.
I was sitting at home, writing up Book 9 of They All Love Me series and I’m like bye have fun because I know its useless to try and keep Alexis home on a Friday night without going out or keep her in the apartment when there is the potential of sex with hot guys involved. Also she needed to go out because of the whole thing with WineBar. So I was happy for her and she asked me to come a few times but I really wanted to get final edits on my latest episode done so it can come out today.

Around 1 am I’m in my room and I hear the door open and close and I can hear Alexis giggling. Then I hear a male voice. Then I hear another male voice. They’re commanding and confident.

They don’t stay out too much longer (I was already naked – and yes I was naked while I was working on finalizing the book to make sure it was good enough to…well you get it, I hope). So I didn’t go out but within minutes I heard the door close to Alexis’ bedroom.

And then the sounds started. The moaning. The groaning. A headboard hitting the wall. I think I may have heard a chair fall and the Windows opening theme song at some point. Giggles and laughter. And I’m sure I heard people cumming several times.

I’ll be honest, Angels. It got me pretty hot. I threw away three chapters and redid them. Then I took out my vibrator and I couldn’t resist. I think I may have cum the same time as Alexis on that one.

After a bit, I went to sleep. But when I woke up this morning to make breakfast, Alexis was still in her room. I knew the guys are still in there because their shoes are by the door.

Anyways, Alexis came out finally, the guys came out with her and they left the apartment after a few minutes. I came back to my room to write this post.

Do I tell Alexis about what I heard last night and how much it turned me on? I mean, there are some details in there I haven’t mentioned yet but I will in DLA, but let me know what you think.

And no, to anyone who thinks well, won’t Alexis just read this post and be able to tell, that’s not a worry. She doesn’t read other people’s posts on this blog usually – just her own and the comments if she gets a chance. I mean, she’s my best friend but she’s a bit scattered trying to do everything at once.

Living with Alexis Angel is like a book by itself.

Tell me your thoughts, Angels.

7 thoughts on “Wow…what should I do, angels?

  1. Unless someone is dead, hearing all that was obviously going on in Alexis’ bedroom, they would have to get majorly turned on. Geesh, I wasn’t there but reading about it is certainly getting to me 🙂 I don’t see anything wrong with telling her how turned on you got, the two of you might get a good book out of the whole situation.

  2. I would tell her. It just seems like the right thing to do. Glad everyone in the apt had a good time.

  3. I agree, this is a book in the making. Definitely tell her.

  4. I agree with the others definitely would be a book in the making. It would also hard not to get turned on by whats going on in her room.

  5. tell her and write the book.
    life fueling fantasy it’s what she does 🙂

  6. Tell her and then write a steamy erotic romance she’ll be all over that for sure. ??

  7. You go girl & enjoy!

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