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Wow what a morning!

Hey Angels!
I need a drink.
Not just because of the date last night.
But I mean that too.
If you look back, you’ll see one of the blog posts is missing. The one where I called WineBar on Thursday and told him hey I’m going on a date on Friday and he was like ok cool and I was all pissed off.
Anyways, that post is gone.
Also gone is the post that I had about Lana’s new series. Because I was like talking about Professor and our date and I was saying shit and then I was like but I’m not gonna go and say everything because I don’t wanna ruin Lana’s thunder because she just released the Dirty Brother series and Book 1 is free thats part of our featured deals.

Anyways so I even had a video. (See the video below)

So I wake up at 5 am this morning because I forgot to take the makeup off my face and I check the site and check my emails because I have 40,000 emails and I am responding to them and it doesn’t let me in.
So I’m like whats going on.
And it turns out that so many people had started to come on that the entire server had crashed!
Lets get this figured out. So many people wanted Lana’s Episode 1 that the server was like oh no I can’t handle. Also, I may have gotten the lowest level of server space because I didn’t know if anyone would wanna read our books at all.
But it turns out they do!
So ppl downloaded and the poor server was like help me.
So I call my internet provider and they’re like hmm we have to do this on Monday we can’t do it now.
And I’m sitting there in yesterday’s clothes because I passed out and I’m like what? And they’re like yeah we have an error we don’t know whats up and I’m like:

“Okay, hold on. I was banned from Amazon! I WILL NOT BE BANNED FROM THE INTERNET! You will escalate this!”

And like two hours later, the site was back, the server was upgraded and the only issue was the blog posts were gone from yesterday which was the last time we backed up the site.

Anyways, I owe you a story about Professor. Lets just say…remember Freeway? It’s kinda similar. But not quite.

Anyways, Sunday is when I will tell! Right now I need to go relax!~

Check out Lana’s series! Episode 1 is FREE

And check out the trailer I had made for her!

20 thoughts on “Wow what a morning!

  1. Legit, Alexis was throwing her shoes at the computer when this all started!!! She did better to literally march down to their office haha. Love the trailer. Thanks <3

    1. I could see Alexis starting a war with the internet people. I love the trailer. ??

    2. Soo Funny!! So how long have you two been besties??

      1. Like 3 years now. Going on forever

  2. I think I know what to get AleXis for Xmas!

    1. Haha that would be perfect!

    2. Love the cup and hope she doesn’t get mad at the server again and throw it instead of her shoe…

  3. I can visualise the fury the internet company received. Well done for getting that fast a response. A brilliant site. So happy it’s all coming together for you both

  4. Excellent trailer. BTW every time I see an author I love to read disappear I complain to Amazon. They want me to call but nope I do it in writing so they have to reply the same way. Of course there are excuses about formatting etc. NOT on every book. It’s ridiculous & now they have Walmart’s new ebooks to compete with. GO anyone but Amazon.

    1. Margaret, at least you get a response 🙁 I have sent multiple e-mail to Jeff Bezos and he, nor any of his team, have bothered to respond to any of them. I’m just glad we have our Angels back and I’ll get their books no matter where I have to go. Love their new website 🙂

  5. The trailer is terrific scorching hot….

  6. Freeway. The ‘ I like wearing ladies underwear guy ‘ ?

    You rrally know how to attract a selection of guys out there… But I suppose if he’s a certain age, not married, then there’s always a reason???
    Me, I’m a WineBar gal.But then I have a gap in your newsletters, before the official sign off & feel as if I missed something after New Orleans. What about the dog & cat ? Are they still around ? The last i heard everyone had flu?
    Anyway, I feel your internet frustration. On top of the Amazon exp it must feel like the world is against your success. Keep going. We love you.

  7. Market great comment about writing Amazon. I know all these writers have to be totally frustrated to put it mildly but as readers I’ve had authors I go to review a book that was just there two days prior and all books from that author have been pulled. Starting to get ridiculous.

  8. Ok, meant to type Margaret, sorry for the typo.

  9. Very sexy trailer! Amazon is ridiculous! I had issues w them from the review side. Apparently if you don’t spend at least 100$ a month and you review items and books they’ll pull all your previous reviews and not let you post new ones either. It took months of emailing and phone calls to have the situation fixed. Mind you they never apologized. Can’t wait to read Lana’s new new.

  10. OMG!!! When you told us you were going to go on this date, I said I hope he does not turn out to be anything like freeway. I knew a professor and he had strange tendencies and I am not talking OCD or BDSM. I don’t know what it is maybe they are just to smart and things in life are just to slow and boring for themselves. I can’t wait to hear about it. I think Lana is going to love the trailer. By the way how is Brewster? Keep up the good work and don’t sweat it the right man will come along. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. ?

  11. Alexis,

    You really didn’t think you would have this many people interested in reading all of your books. Good gosh, it seemed like you and Lana were gone from us forever and I, for one, am so glad I can get your books again. Do you think it’s possible that ya’ll might re-release the books you had discontinued when you were with Amazon, I would love to get my full collection of all of your books.

    1. Absolutely. So we are doing them each day. They just take so long to convert to the website format and everything to get it into readable shape but they are all coming. Also, this is a bit of a surprise announcement but I’m talking to other authors that got banned and I might get some people to join us considering the huge amount of traffic we get.

  12. Great trailer and I got the book, thank you!

  13. Alexis and Lana,
    I love reading anything you two have written. I have most of your work already but the idiots at A@$%#& need their site taken down not the work of two great writers. I happened upon one of your books Alexis last year and was totally hooked. I cannot wait for more. I am not exactly sure what happened with the idiots but I am your fan for life. I have never read a book that made me laugh, cry and cheer so much until your work ladies. Keep it coming.

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