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Working In Vegas

Hey Angels!

So one of the major things that we were supposed to be doing in Las Vegas was having meetings about strategy. Now you already read about Daphne and her Mr. Craps dude and IT Guy. But let me pull back the curtain a little bit to talk about what happened a few hours after IT Guy knocked on Alexis’ door and swept her off her feet to wherever he took her (that’s going to be Alexis’ story because it would be weird for me to talk about him pleasing her pussy, you know?)

So a few hours after IT Guy and Alexis went off apparently, Lana came downstairs to Starbucks in the hotel where we had all decided that morning we were going to meet. We had gotten confirmations from everyone except Alexis but we figured that since she was staying with Lana, it was no big deal.

So I was the one that had to take notes during the meeting so I was prepared. Here is what went down:

Daphne: Lana, where’s Alexis?
Lana: So….IT Guy came in just a few hours ago.
Everyone: What?!
Natalie: OMG! She actually called him?
Lana: And told him how she feels.
Paige: That’s amazing! I’m so glad for her!
Lana: Yeah, except I don’t know where she is actually.
Natalie: Are they…..?
Lana: Most likely. She looked really pretty when he knocked so I guess she got up and got ready for him.
Sophie: So we should start the meeting on our own?
Lana: I guess so. What did we want to talk about?
Liz: Well we need to know what kind of exclusive content we need to start writing for in AngelAccess.
Paige: We need to know who we’re co-writing with in the next two months out so we can start planning the stories.
Daphne: We need to know which one of the authors we are talking to are going to be joining and when so we can time our releases.
Natalie: We also need to figure out something about the blog and how we can have more than one person post each day.
Lana: Yeah, we also need to figure out what the store is going to look like in the future and where we want to grow it to.
Natalie: I also would like to know what we’re doing for lunch.
Daphne: I knew it! You should have gotten room service with me last night!
Natalie: I’m just hungry, okay? It’s not like I’ve had a chance to gobble any dick like you have already.
Paige: I’d like to know where exactly we’re going to be finding these dicks to gobble. Secret Sins has a girl putting two cocks in her mouth and I want to do that!
Lana: It’s actually pretty hard
Daphne: You’ve put two dicks in your mouth?
Lana: Yeah, way back in the day, like before I was married.
Liz: When exactly are we going to gamble? I want to play blackjack at the low stakes table.
Lana: Were we talking about work?
Sophie: I’d much rather talk about cocks. Daphne tell us about Mr. Craps!
Daphne: I’m going to blog about him. You can read it then. But he was amazing.
Sophie: Are you going to see him again?
Daphne: He actually invited me to go with him to San Francisco.
Lana: He’s from San Francisco?
Daphne: No, he’s from Miami but he’s going to be in the Bay Area for a little bit.
Lana: You know you can always stay with Our Neighbor. She lives in a two bedroom right next to IT Guy who lives down the hall.
Daphne: That’s not a bad idea but I mean what if he thinks I can just go at his beck and call? I hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of hooker.
Paige: So…getting back to dicks.
Lana: Before we do that…let’s just agree that the morning session of work is finished right? And that we got nothing decided because we as a group are more interested in food, cocks, gambling and coffee?
Everyone: YES!
Lana: Ok lets go find some!

And we walked out of Starbucks!

Today’s release is Secret Sins from Paige Teller. I actually read this in Vegas as she was finishing and I gotta say, I almost cried all the way at the end but then it wrapped up really nicely. So if you want an emotional journey and hot sex, this book is it.


3 thoughts on “Working In Vegas

  1. Y’all are my inspiration when I close my eyes 🙂 I’m so glad y’all had such a blast in Vegas and now, after reading your blog Natalie, I got my copy of Secret Sins and will have my tissues at the ready when I read it.

  2. So glad you all had a great time in Vegas. I love reading the blog to read about your escapades in Vegas. You live daily but how you live daily is the question. Sounds like all of you are best friends who enjoy writing stories and getting ideas for stories from each other. Keep up writing the great stories.

  3. Jeezy peezy…
    If there had ever been meetings like that, I’d never have quit my gummint job.

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