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Winebar knocked on my door….

Well he didn’t really knock on my door more like rang the buzzer. And I wasn’t really there to let him up it was Lana who was like “who is this?” to herself as she said yeah come on up when the doorman called and said we had a visitor.
I was in my room, and Lana was in her room writing Brothers Who Brandy (which is the next sequel of They All Love Me but she won’t let me see what happens so don’t ask me. Seriously I want spoilers).
Anyways so apparently he’s on his way upstairs and then he rings the buzzer on the door.
And Lana is writing and she listens to music when she’s writing and the only reason she answered was because the doorman calls our cell phones. I didn’t pick mine up because I’ve let Lana be the responsible one – which means sometimes answering the door on a Sunday morning – and anyways I was busy. Can you guess with what? 🙂
Anyways she doesn’t hear the buzzer because when Lana is writing she listens to music really loud.
So I heard it and I’m like hmm what to put on to answer the door. Getting into panties is too hard so I just grabbed a throw blanket from the couch in my room and wrapped it up.
I open the door and…


“Alexis” he says to me. “I just came by to see how you were doing”

I’m fucking speechless.

“I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea when you FaceTimed me and I was hanging out with my cousin,” he says. “I was just busy with some family stuff.”

I’m still speechless.

“She had to crash at my apartment for a few weeks but she’s finally got her shit sorted and moved out last week,” he continues. “I came over right after to talk to you.”

Oh. My. God.

Please universe do not do this to me. This is why we’re so late on the blog post today. Because I had to call an emergency author meeting with the company authors and be like I need to post. But first I need to figure out what just happened.

Because it doesn’t end there.

Remember I said I was busy in my room?


IT Guy walks out.

Naked. From my room.

His dick hanging out. See when I said I was busy and why I didn’t answer the phone call when the doorman called was that I was busy shucking myself on IT Guy because he was coming over to do something that’s called “backing up” the store to make sure that all personal details on orders are removed to protect all the customers and to make sure the store is saved in case of catastrophe.

So that’s perfect time for me to suck his cock and get him to take his clothes off and give it to me.

Except in the middle of that WineBar knocked on my door.

And he just stood there as IT Guy came out and he’s like “Hey Alexis, whose this?”

I’m still sorting through my thoughts.

What happened to Alexis Angel? She wants to hide away from the world 🙁

By the way, Liz Lorde has a book out today. It’s below. I’m gonna read that because it’s got twists and turns but at least a HEA. And I need a HEA.

56 thoughts on “Winebar knocked on my door….

  1. I love winebar please give him a chance

    1. Are you kidding, Didi. I have lost track of how many chances he has already been given. He always screws Alexis in the end, and not in a good way! She deserves so much better.

    2. NOPE, NOPE & NOPE! He’s a grown man & has a mouth! Could have said something earlier. It’s up to you whether he’s worth forgetting od forgiving.

    3. Seriously???? This guy has treated Alexis like crap for a long time and now that she’s finally decided to move on with her life he just pops back into the picture? I would support any decision Alexis makes but if it were me I’m afraid strike, however many it is now, and WineBar is OUT. I’m really glad you like him Didi but don’t you think she’s given him enough chances.

    4. You’ve got an amazing community of women here AND in your life. In the end we’ll all support you. I too was a huge WB supporter until Christmas. He could have said something. He could have called. He didnt. That alone speaks volumes.

  2. He realized he screwed up!
    But it seriously took him this long?!?
    I was the biggest Winebar fan until the Christmas debacle. No sorry for that??
    No phone calls since he blew you off.
    I’m really starting to like IT guy and now Winebar has to come back to life and throw a wrench into everything!
    I still think Winebar isn’t even close to good graces but I need to know what happened after he saw IT guy.

    1. Alexis he had a chance to tell hey this is my cousin when you FaceTimed him instead he said nothing. That sounds a little weird especially since you were always upfront with him. I think he knows he messed up and decided to see if you would be waiting like always but you weren’t. I look up to you because of what you went through with Winebar and moved on. You deserve better than winebar, who only wanted you on his terms. You have moved on and are happy don’t let him mess with your happiness.

    2. Ashely I agree with you what happened after he saw IT guy????

  3. Just wow! Personal opinion- WB: too little too late. Seriously how difficult could it have been to mention family issues in a quick call or text MONTHS ago? Uh…NO! Dying to know what happened next.

  4. He was lying through his teeth and was shacked up with a girl and when it didnt work he came back to see how receptive you are to him. You were ready to only be with him and then he leaves and you were ready to do the long distance thing. He didn’t try and I think he was seeing others and that’s why he called it off then tried to use you as a booty call. You are ALEXIS FUCKING ANGEL. Do not put up with that. You deserve better then someone who wants to put you on the side until he is ready to play with you again like a three year old. Kick his ass with those muscles youve gotten from the gym (amd the gym bros). Haha

    1. So agree, Danielle. Cousin my ass.

      1. My sentiments exactly. Run a background check on her and see just how “related” they are.

  5. I am sorry if this made you sad because it made me so happy.

    This is the end of one thing and the beginning of something better.


  6. Is it weird while you’re talking about it there’s this little girl inside jumping up and down and going yay with butterflies in my stomach. At the same time there’s this really big cynic sitting here going too little too late now and WTF!! I know so not helpful.

  7. WTF!Almost 2 months later with an explanation!Don’t fall for that B.S. It is good for him to see you moved along.

  8. I want to know how he reacted to IT Guy, by the way I’m voting for IT Guy:)

  9. Sounds to me like it was a relationship that doesn’t work seems not a cousin. There was no reason to not call or show up or email or text before now….. just because someone was staying at his apartment??? Little fishy. But….I can’t believe he showed up and IT Guy walked out naked. And does he do that often when people are in your appartment? Lol

  10. I’m speechless at the moment. But I’m with the others, I need to know what happened after!

  11. I’m curious…did he leave mad, or sad? Did finding a man in your apt upset him or challenge him? He never should have shown up unannounced, so he either thought you had not moved on, or was wanting to see if you had. Please don’t leave us hanging…what happened next?

  12. OMG 😮
    This is some f… up shit. I don’t even know what to say.
    Except I think WineBar knew what you’ve been up to for couple of months (I remember you saying once he suscribed to your NL) and decided since you’re not pining after him, he doesn’t like when somebody plays with his things. I know I sound awful but why would he resurface now when you’re playing all over the field and not before.
    I hope I’m wrong. 😘

  13. Omg! I was a big winebar fan but after all his asshole moments yea just no. You deserve so mush better then a guy who won’t make time for you when you do and after all this time he couldn’t pick up the phone and say something anything no. Communication is key in a relationship. IT guy sound like a good one to me. I hope your not feeling to bad about this he had his chance and blew it now you have someone new and he will see that he had a good thing and some times you only get one chance and he wasted his because you a worth the effort every girl is.

    1. Alexis girl, we love you, but this is to much drama.
      We’ve all been WB major supporters, but again the man brings too much low hanging drama- enough to induce a heart attack. We know you love this guy. But there is only so much torture a body can take. The man either has a communication problem, or he’s lying through his teeth. I’m of the school of the latter. And yes he does have a communication problem. He WAITS 2 LONG @#$%^& FREAKING MONTHS to CALL!?!?!?!??! Hell NO!!! This game is one you NEED to CONTROL. Like I said last year, he doesn’t seem to want to prioritize your relationship. I understand you’re in a tailspin now – since he’s come to you now. But girl, you’re allowed to flip your lid at this latest offering from him, maybe rip him a new one. Props to IT Guy for wanting to mark “his” territory, since he know about WB, it’s kinda funny, but not fair to have these guys mess with your heart. You have to decide who you want to play with and who’s going for the long term. Yes we’d like to hear the balance of this saga, keep a level head after this meltdown. You know in your heart what’s real. I’d like to hug you now, let you know we hear you and love you no matter what. Take care of your heart.

  14. Yep, I am with the rest, what happened next? I had to immediately read the NL once I saw that he came by. I was such a WineBar fan at first, now like others I am on the fence. If he had some family stuff going on, that is fine. But why not just say that and let you think for so long that he had another woman. It’s just shitty. I know you are shook up now, how did he leave. What happened after IT guy said who is this? Don’t leave us hanging. I hope you are okay, and glad the author group gave you the day to post! Thanks ladies! <3 All of you. I wish I had your lives. Mine is far too boring

  15. Winebar is your past. We repeat that from which we don’t learn. He is selfish, self-absorbed, and you deserve better. Learn to walk away from the table when love is no longer being served.

  16. OMG – where the hell has been for nearly 2 months, seriously this guy is all me me me, now all of a sudden it’s convenient to want to see you!!! But doesn’t IT guy know who Winebar is as he kept his distance from you cause he saw you with WB. Can’t wait for the juicy update……IT guy seems like a good one!!


  18. I have to agree with everyone else. What a douche canoe!You definitely deserve so much better. Like everyone else I need to know what else happened.

  19. So when he said, “She had to crash at my apartment for a few weeks but she’s finally got her shit sorted and moved out last week,” he continues. “I came over right after to talk to you.” Is he living in SF again or what, he just jumped on a plane to talk to you in person??

    What happened after IT Guy walked out? What did WB say/do?

    Did you ever update us after the holiday debacle when you were going to ignore him (or did I miss your blog, I always try to read them all)? Was the last time you guys talked was when you saw a woman behind him?

  20. You can listen to him. Then ask Winebar why he did not tell you when you face timed that it was his cousin. Why wait so long to tell you that? I think something strange is going on. Tell him he said we should see other people. Well you are doing only what he said. I say, just listen to your heart. If he is the one, your heart will let you know.

  21. Show Winebar the door out of your life. He isn’t good enough for you. BET he’s been stalking your blog. I too, USED to be a fan,but he hurt you way to many times. Having gone through 2 cheating, lying, Asshole husbands myself, that only thought about themselves, think a whole lot about what kind of life you want & need for yourself, no one else. You deserve the best this world has to offer. Live & love on your terms!!

  22. Oh shit!!! 😲
    So many feelings running thru me!!

  23. Yes. What happened?!?!? I think Winebar realizes what he lost and misses you!

  24. I was a huge WB fan for the longest time, even when he was being a jerk. Hello, he’s a man and they are all jerks sometimes. It’s in their DNA. This last episode however? Just NO. I understand family drama and what a time suck it can be, but I’m sorry, he couldn’t pick up the phone for a 30 second call or a text saying “hey, I’ve got a lot of family stuff happening, can you give me a little space to deal with it?” Nope. He was shacking up with someone else and realized what he lost, in my opinion. Send him packing. Life is too short to spend with someone who doesn’t put you first.

  25. Alexis,

    Please don’t fall for Winebar’s BS. He had his chance and blew it. Stick with IT Guy, but what a WTF scene it must have been. Can’t wait to read more tomorrow.

  26. Showing up unannounced is just a demonstration of wb’s lack of respect for you as a person. Telling you that his “cousin” needed his help demonstrates his belief that you think with your twat, not your brain. His expectation that you need to explain another guy’s presence in your bedroom demonstrates wb’s egocentricity (i.e., how dare you try to replace someone as great in bed as he).

    He kicked you to the curb for some chippy who turned out to be less interesting than you. And, after months of radio silence and no apology, he didn’t have the grace (or good manners) to even pretend to grovel.

    Either his last piece of ass hurt his feelings by moving on, or he got bored and kicked her to the curb too. Now, he expects you to jump at the chance to let him hurt you again. If he really cared about “how you’re doing,” he should have phoned, texted, or mailed you a damn postcard two months ago.

    You definitely deserve better, babe.

  27. P.S. IT guy deserves a big “Thank you” for showing up the way he did! He made it clear that you — unlike wb — have nothing to hide.


    P.S. I don’t believe the cousin story.

  29. Completely agree with everyone with the fact that if it was a “cousin” he would have told you right away and maybe introduced you to her over that FaceTime call. Then going silent afterwards and the crap he pulled over the holidays. He is lying through his teeth. I hope IT Guy walking out showed him you moved on and put him in his place especially showing up like that

  30. Narcissistic ass. You had genuine feelings for this narcissist. He used this against you. Don’t fall for this again.

  31. If what Winebar said was true, which I don’t think it is. If he cared about you and your relationship at all he would have told you that his cousin was living with him till she could get back on her feet. Not to mention he was in town on Christmas and blew you off, I mean he could have texted, called, FaceTimed and said hey I’m in town but time is tight can we do this another time? Or how about invites you to go with him to whatever family stuff he had going on. But no he tried to use you as a last minute lay and I’m sorry I hope that doesn’t hurt your feeling because I don’t mean it that way. He just could have done or said so many different things but instead blew you off for what two months now and then shows up without even calling! I hope you said this is IT guy and I’m sorry you should have called, and shut the door. He dose t deserve to take up anymore room in your heart or in your mind. He is your past, please don’t let him ruin or rain on what good things you have going on now. Just my opinion I know it’s hard with all the swoon worthy shenanigans you had together but he didn’t treat you right and has actually treated you like a side piece. You deserve and are better than that. Don’t let him mess up what you have. He has some nerve. I was a Winebar fan in the beginning but haven’t been for a while. IT guy or the Gym rats are my pick all the way!

  32. Hmmmm… NEED I Remind you of this Sooo Called “Cousin’s” Face peeking IN when you were talkin’ to WhinnyBar?! Now, ask yourself,DO ” Cousins” act THAT WAY… Smirkin’ Cuz they know they’re breakin’ ya UP… Naw, They Don’t! The Evidence doesn’t Lie, so I’ll MoveOn to Point 2…
    Shall I Remind you of WhinnyBar’s comments Regarding GRANNY PANTIES!! Cuz, Angel, those Stand Alone! NO MAN who Treats a La Perla Wearin’ Goddess like that EVER gets a Second Chance of commin’ BACK!
    Angel, I gotta say, There’s plenty of Cocks in your Particular Stable… So, Saddle UP & Ride into the Sunset with ONE, TWO, THREE, or even more, More, MORE… Any of ’em are Better than the LimpDicked Prick known as WhinnyBar! Tell HIM GoodRiddence once & For ALL!

  33. Alexis, you have my support not matter what your decision is but I have to say sweetie, this guy is so into himself I don’t know if there is any room left for a healthy relationship. Hope you are doing okay and I know that all of the Angels are there for you and we are all with you out here as fans and friends too.

  34. OMG…he’s messed up big time and he’s one of those guys that only wants what he wants. He had plenty of time to”straighten” thing’s out! How long has it been? Yeah my point exactly! Tell IT guy Winebar is the past! And IT is the present. Just my opinion.

  35. Wow, I can’t even believe it, but at the same time it’s so like him. I was a big fan of Winebar but he didn’t treat you right with the Christmas stuff. He seems to want back into your life when it works for him, that’s not a relationship. He might have been there to explain what happened with his cous, but I don’t really believe that one but that’s besides the point. Has anything really changed, is he looking for a committed relationship with you and is moving back. I don’t think the answer to that is yes. The ultimate decision is yours though as what you want to do. You can’t keep us hanging though, what happened next. If we have to wait a week before you post again. I think you guys are going to have to do more than one blog per day. Maybe so we hear from you every other day. I wouldn’t mind if everyone posted a blog a day. I would happily read them all.

  36. I’ve been laughing myself silly, just thinking about ol’WineBar getting his comeuppance! IT Guy, coming out swinging, was just PERFECT! I hoped you showed DoucheBag…HoBagger…I mean WineBar, to the door, and then showed IT Guy, how grateful you are, that he’s a decent human being? I have to admit, that I’ve been calling WineBar, DoucheBag, ever since that sh*t he pulled in New Orleans! I think I might have hired a hitman for what he pulled, when you paid him that surprise visit, down in Florida. What an assh*le! Seriously, as a writer, you NEED characters like him to draw from, when you want to write the antihero. The one you warn all your readers to stay away from! He’s got a hellava nerve showing up, unannounced, and telling such a lame story. His COUSIN? You should have told him, that IT Guy was YOUR cousin! I have faith that you set him straight, and sent him on his way! Team ANYBODY, but WineBar!

  37. OMG i hope u slammed the door in his face! He doesn’t deserve ur time of day and that things are completely over with what-a-dick and u q didn’t call or do anything else! He was only coming over for a booty call! Cuz he thinks u will run back to him! Don’t text or anything plz and in hope u didn’t send IT guy home cuz that would totally suck on ur part!

  38. So, what happened next?

  39. I wish I could like someone’s post, although I’d like most of them. Just wanted to note that in the past emails and blogs that although I’m sure you felt connected on some other level but a lot of it was about how great the sex was. Just remember how great it is now with guys who are close and on call. haha

  40. Serves that fucker right. Hopefully IT guy gave him an eyeful!

  41. Go tell WineBar to suck it up and go back to Calif. Don’t be a sucker again. WineBar is a player.

  42. Well…..shit! Even with all your ‘Alexis power’, I could see this being a hermit, hole in the floor moment. Wow, I don’t even know what to say about WB just showing up. That man! Girl, whatever you decide to do is all you and we Angels will be behind you to support you.
    Doesn’t IT guy know WB, he was aware you had a boyfriend in the beginning. Doesn’t matter, only you Alexis can have a true book moment, please kindly put us all out of our misery and let us know what happened. Love Always!

  43. I don’t believe WB! If she WAS his “cousin” he should have explained straight way but he didn’t. Don’t be fooled by his lies! Enjoy the new guys in your life and be happy.

  44. I am with the many aboe who said the cousin thing is Bull***t. I it was he would have been in touch. Remember Christmas?? He only had time for a booty call? Yeah, I hope you played cool and let IT guy strut for you. Do not let WB screw with your head. Regardless if the “cousin” was an actual cousin, hos treatment of you has not been one of someone wanting a relationship.

  45. OMG! Your life Alexis!! I agree with the other ladies. Too little, (way) too late! I was also a Winebar fan…before he started treating you like an unimportant afterthought. Can’t wait to find out the rest of the story. Always 100% behind you Alexis!

  46. HOW DARE HE! Cousin my ass. I think you missed the point Alexis. He just admitted to LIVING with another chick for at least two months. I think he was thinking about, if not actually screwing around on you since New Orleans. I think he moved in the other chick and It didn’t work out. It took him 2 months to ditch her and to come up with that story. It probably took him a minute to get the balls to see you again. What a douche! I am a PAST Wine Bar fan and it hurts me to have to tell you this, but after careful consideration, I don’t think Wine Bar is a good person. I think you fell in love with who you THOUGHT Wine Bar was, And not who he really is. That Wine Bar does not exist. I think your hero might actually be IT guy. I loved IT guy walking out naked. WOW! He knows how to make an entrance! HE WAS PERFECT! Don’t let IT guy get away.

  47. C´mon !! I loved WB and I completly agree that he screwed up, but what about second chances and listen to his explanation ? I don’t believe myself writing this but anyways, let’s wait for his explanation, it will be at least creative !! Tell us dear Alexis ! And I cannot believe yu are speechless, you? NEVER !! =) =) =)

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