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Why Lana and I are fighting! And #TeaserTuesday from Gage

It’s not anything too bad babes but I mentioned it in the email newsletter yesterday, that Lana and I have been fighting.

Well it isn’t anything too bad. It isn’t like we aren’t still best friends.

But Lana knows I almost bought Juul pods on Monday when I was really stressed (some stuff wasn’t working with the store and my parents were making me crazy lol) but I quit months ago, when I got sick.

I thought that if I had pneumonia then well maybe vaping wasn’t the best thing. makes sense, even to me haha

But I know that Juul won’t kill me like right? I just wanted to take like one puff, maybe two. I mean Sansa Stark vapes, why can’t I?

but Lana insists that the Juul made me sick before. The doctors aren’t sure it even was pneumonia and then all this stuff in the news.

So yeah I was fighting with Lana about this. I’m not particularly super proud of it but Lana’s got all this self discipline and I’m like over here jonesing to put a USB stick in my mouth and get all jittery.

Ugh. Angels. Please tell me you don’t vape. This is like a leftover thing from my Wall Street days – I mean, back then I smoked and well lol we drank a lot too because that’s how we dealt with all the stress.

It’s one of those days where it is like Tuesday so I shouldn’t just declare it happy hour after I write my chapters for the day.

Today I am going to start working on plotting and building out my world for paranormal stuff. Today IS Tuesday but I am going to take all the votes in and figure out what time to do the Google Docs writing session live for my first chapter in my story.

I did something a little crazy. I bought myself a ticket to Hawaii for the next week. LOL! I know. I just want to get away for a bit and write with like ukulele in the background. Lana wants some Kona coffee. Also she made me promise not to Juul while I was gone so I will be good. I’m going to go apologize to her now because as I write this I realize I’ve been an asshole.

But my spontaneous Hawaii trip is just some me time. I think I just need some space to think about my new series and about a few big things coming to the store.

I’m going to get packed and make sure Lana and Paige have everything they need for the store, though I will still be working of course babes!!!

I am going to get back into the twitter and IG for the store and post pictures of my “office of the day” while I’m there. If I remember LOL so please don’t let me forget!!! I think I should post here on the blog, right? And I’ll work on the world for my paranormal story. Follow along!!!

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday.

Before I go, I have a first chapter from Gage Grayson’s next story, the first episode of Summer Flame. Hope you enjoy it for #TeaserTuesday!

Chapter 1


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how much money you have, things simply don’t go the way you want them to.

Even though I can’t say I especially like the bride and groom, and I hardly know my date at all, by whatever circumstances fate has dealt me I’ve found myself at a glitzy, expensive wedding reception in the Hamptons at the height of summer.

I suppose that’s hardly something to complain about.

And, my God, my date is unbelievably gorgeous, so I definitely wouldn’t complain about that either.

But when I first arrived in the Hamptons to survey potential land and real estate for a business deal, I had no idea that, two weeks later, I’d still fucking be here. I thought I’d have sorted the property in two or three days tops before heading to my main business headquarters in New York. I had planned for a quick jaunt back to the Hamptons just for the wedding, and that would be it.

It seems, however, that even the best-laid (and most expensive) plans can go awry.

Yet, as I mentioned, at least my date is beautiful and an absolute firecracker to boot. Rosa Maria Clark, my real estate agent.

When I had entered Hamptons Properties and asked for their best agent, I certainly didn’t expected their best agent to simultaneously be one of the most perfect looking women I have ever had the privilege of laying my eyes upon.

Rosa’s usually wildly-curled black hair, which, until now, I had only ever seen kept back cleanly from her face in an up-do, has been meticulously and sleekly straightened and thrown over one shoulder. With her olive eyes, tanned skin, and in an incredibly sexy-yet-classy sheer black dress, she looks like a goddess.

Who said you shouldn’t wear black to weddings? After seeing Rosa, I’d say it should most definitely be allowed.

Of course, she catches me looking at her. I’m not exactly subtle with my I-want-to-fuck-you-by-the-champagne-towerexpression plastered across my face.

But Rosa can’t simply be a quickie at a wedding. She’s brokering my multi-million-dollar property deals, after all. I just wish for the love of God that she would broker them faster.

“You know, if you keep looking at me like that, I’m fairly certain my dress will fall off of its own accord,” Rosa muses into my ear, smiling suggestively, as she brings a flute of champagne up to her lips.

I raise an eyebrow. “Now, wouldn’t that be a spectacle? I’m sure the bride would complain about being thoroughly upstaged at her own wedding.”

“Speaking of, I haven’t spotted her anywhere. You’d think the bride and groom would show up to their own wedding reception.”

“Or they could have done what I’d do, and head straight to their beach house for some rampant—”

“If that’s what you want to do, then I’m all for it,” Rosa interrupts, all sultry smiles and long dark lashes.

God, what wouldn’t I give to fuck her?

I cough slightly whilst I struggle to pull my head from the proverbial gutter. A twinging, aching feeling in my pants suggests that my cock disagrees with such a change of thought.

I give Rosa an exaggerated sigh, to which she lets out a soft laugh.

“Unfortunately, I have to show my face until at least the toasts and speeches are done. The groom would kill me if I ran off before that, even if it were to indulge in a woman such as yourself.”

“Oh, so you want to indulge in me, Erik Storm? Sounds like an idea I can get behind…”

I don’t miss the blatant innuendo; I quickly down a glass of champagne in response.

We’re interrupted by the appearance of a man I only know a Richard. His bank is an absolute powerhouse that I could really do with having on my side.

However, our short conversation only leads to Richard turning down my offer flat. What on earth could I have unknowingly done that is preventing me from buying property in the Hamptons?

“How are the property brokers doing, anyway?” I ask Rosa as I throw a side glance at her after Richard leaves.

I notice the subtle change in her expression immediately.

“You had mentioned that at least the paperwork for that beach front property I wanted for my own use should be ready by tomorrow.”

Rosa smothers a grimace. “I know I said that, but we’re having some difficulty getting in contact with the property owner. Seems he’s gone off skiing to escape the summer heat.”

“If he hates the heat so much, why own property at the Hamptons?”

Rosa waves a hand dismissively. “As if I understand what you billionaires are thinking when you throw your money about.”

I don’t bother correcting Rosa’s very valid but not entirely true preconception about billionaires.

Well, it’s certainly true for many of us. Just not necessarily for me—most of the time, at least.

“So how much longer do you think it’s likely to take, Miss Clark?”

Rosa frowns slightly at me. “Look, Erik, I’m gonna be blunt. Had I known you were asking me out on a date to continue grilling me about my day job, I would have refused. I just wanted to have a good time with some good company.”

Ah, I can be an utter jackass sometimes.

Of course, Rosa wouldn’t want to be asked out on a date just to discuss work. Nobodywould want that. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that Rosa isn’t being as forthcoming as she could be with the property deals.

For a moment, I entertain the idea that she’s deliberately stretching out the deal to see if I’ll fuck her. It’s an irresistible idea.

But no—Rosa herself said that she makes a living by working with stupidly rich billionaires. She wouldn’t risk her credibility for one of them.

I give her an apologetic smile.

“You’re right, of course. I was being an ass. Would you like some more champagne?” I ask, motioning to the tower of glasses where I definitely want to screw Rosa by.

She links an arm with mine and nods her head, her beautiful features growing serene as the topic of work is erased from conversation.

Just as we pick up fresh glasses of champagne, a familiar figure appears close by.

A wave of dislike washes over me as I realize that it’s Oberon Lawson, another groomsmen for the wedding. He owns what feels like, at least, half of the Hamptons, which makes him my unfortunate rival.

I wish it were anyone buthim. I don’t trust Oberon; not in the slightest. He always seems to have an ulterior motive for doing anything, no matter how inconsequential that thing may be.

Rosa watches attentively as Oberon makes his way past us, and I wonder for a moment if the man has ever bought property from her. It’s not as if it’s something I had thought to ask before, but then again, the likelihood is pretty high.

Resolving to ask her about it in the morning, I slide an arm around her waist to pull her in closer as Oberon’s eyes scan over us, lingering hungrily on Rosa.

“Don’t let him near you,” I murmur under my breath.

Rosa barely suppresses a laugh.

“I can handle myself, you know. Though I do enjoy the whole alpha male thing you have going on right now,” she replies, glancing down at my arm, smirking.

Oberon walks past us without saying hello, which I am supremely grateful for.

I nearly drop my glass when another groomsman comes bundling along, tripping drunkenly over his own feet, and narrowly avoid stepping on my expensive leather shoes.

He looks up at me with bleary eyes that are slow to recognize who I am.

“It’s the other billionaire,” the man slurs.

“John,” I say, suddenly remembering the man’s unremarkable name, “you seem like you’ve had a bit much to drink. Having a good time?”

“You fucking bet I am! Have you seenthe celebs and bigwigs around here? And the models! It’s a total A-list party.”

John notices Rosa, and his eyes are just about to pop out of his skull as they take her in. She smiles for him, which he sleazily returns.

“I see you wasted no time finding a babe,” he says. “I’m still searching for the perfect bang myself, only…”

“Only what?”

John leans in to my face; Rosa suppresses a laugh as I struggle not to recoil from the man’s unpleasantly alcoholic breath.

“All the booze has gone to my dick. I don’t suppose you have any—you know?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean, John,” I reply, though I know perfectly well what he’s implying. As if I need a fucking Viagrato perform even when I’m wasted.

John laughs as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.

“Viagra, Erik, Viagra! Do you have any? I wanna be raring to go all fucking night.”

“You’ll have to find someone else for that,” I reply, shaking my head. I glance at Rosa, smirking slightly. “I don’t think a single inch of my cock has ever needed a drug to keep it up all night before.”

“Not even a single inch?” Rosa cuts in, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

“Nope. All twelve inches are ready and raring to go at any moment, no drugs required.”

John looks at me enviously just as Rosa bites her lower lip and gulps slightly.

I couldn’t ask for two more perfect reactions.

John stumbles away to find another source for his precious Viagra as Rosa locks eyes with me.

“I sincerely hope the speeches happen soon so we can get the hell out of here.”

I’ve never agreed more with anything in my fucking life.

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  1. I quit smoking Jan. 2 of this year and the only thing I vape is weed. (It’s legal here.) I’ve had some REALLY challenging days that all I wanted was a smoke but I know what a slippery slope it is, I quit for 8 years and then I moved back to my home town to be near my mom and it started out bumming a cig from my upstairs neighbor every now and then, which led to buying a pack and before I knew it I was smoking again. Do yourself a HUGE favor and don’t do it because you will be back to vaping soon enough. Right now it’s all in your head trying to convince you that you need it, tell that voice to shut the fuck up!! You are so much better without it. Have a fantastic time in Hawaii!! :0)

  2. Yay! I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.

    1. 😉 I:m sorry, but my new motto is Lana is always right.

      1. LOL going to have to agree

  3. Well…I have to agree with mprcperry…Lana is almost always right! Please do yourself a favor and don’t vape or smoke! Also enjoy your vacation…after all that Winebar and IT guy stuff your brain needs a vacation! Be safe and enjoy.

  4. Ok so I started vaping to stop smoking and it worked, but I don’t use the little Juul . I do the big one and 3 on nicotine. So very low.
    On that note I read an article last night that said these deaths are only linked to vaping. Evidently there is black market CBD that is the problem. These kids are vaping it.

    1. Ok correction it was black market THC.

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