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Whoops…We’re Here!

For a brief period of time this morning (on the West Coast, your afternoon on the East Coast!) our site was down. Our servers literally overloaded because of the sheer number of readers. Sorry about that.

We’ve upgraded our server power, Paige took care of everything – sorry about that.

Hope everyone is staying safe. Welcome to all the new Angels who have sent us emails and commented, thank you. We’re so happy to be part of your day during this tough time.

Lana won’t stop baking and canning (I had no idea it wasn’t just as simple as putting stuff in a can. She said something about me being a wicked city woman and laughed) but I’m borrowing the oven for two hours to dry some fresh mint that a neighbor brought over since they grow a ton and Google says drying at 180 degrees in the oven for two hours is good. So Lana is zesting lemons and making batter and like watching my timer cooper close haha.

Are you cooking a lot? Lana’s insisted that I learn more and I had dabbled in the past but she likes really knows stuff and has been teaching me. It’s been a great way to spend time together and talk about story ideas.

Last night we even used some canned extra thick coconut cream and made Pina coladas and talked about what to write next while we played Chess. Lana had never played before so I got to teach her something too!

I’m lucky to have her as a roommate and best friend, for sure.

Stay Safe Angels, hugs and kisses and lots of love!

7 thoughts on “Whoops…We’re Here!

  1. Good to have a variety of outlets for your energy.

  2. You all have been missed! Welcome back!

  3. So happy y’all are back on here blogging 🙂 I’m a passable cook, I don’t like to and my motto is if it can’t be nuked don’t buy it…lol. But, with my Dad I have to cook and believe it or not, he is a great cook so we share that hideous duty 🙂 If Lana finds any great (EASY) recipes she wants to share, including the Pina Colada, I would love to see them. My Dad isn’t really big into trying new stuff but when this pandemic is over I will have plenty of guinea pigs.

    Love and hugs, y’all stay safe and healthy <3

  4. Good to see you branching out! Cooking is a good skill to have!

  5. Okay, it’s now 2 May and we’ve heard nothing since the baking lesson… Are you still alive, haven’t killed each other yet being quarantined in one location with no outside visitors and no clubs open??? I live alone in Alberta Canada and we are still very limited in our lives (grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and drive through only restaurants).
    I need news (i.e. The Blog), PLEASE.

    1. lol The Blog is coming back we’re just trying to make sure the way we get books out is stable first so that readers can get the stuff! But we have blog posts ready and coming soon!

  6. Miss hearing from you all but totally get fixing the site, social distancing, etc. Hope everyone is healthy and safe. Alexis, keep those compromised lungs away from the madding crowds, mask up!!

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