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Which Cover Do You Like The Best?

Books that are coming! Let me know!



15 thoughts on “Which Cover Do You Like The Best?

  1. 1. Discrete 2. Twice Sold 3. After Hours in order of visual preference. Hope this helps.

  2. Love the “After Hours” cover! Makes me want to lick something!😉🔥

  3. Fave are is #1 discrete and #2 twice sold

  4. As great critics in arts that has great impact would the book cover designer I choose is #2.

  5. Twice sold, discrete and then after hours.

  6. Twice sold

  7. Discreet

  8. My favorite is Twice Sold, then Discreet and then After Hours but I love them all 🙂

  9. Discrete first, then Twice Sold second. All of the covers you choose are “HOT”!!!

  10. 1 – Discreet
    2 – Twice Sold
    3 – After Hours

  11. Twice Sold

  12. 1. Discrete
    2. Twice Sold
    3. After Hours

  13. Ok the man’s hand on the ass of discrete looks fake. When I have a fine ass like that I wanna squeeze it and not be afraid of holding such a nice ass as that. His fingers are stiff. That is all carry on! Lol hahahaha

  14. Twice sold is exactly how u are suppose to hold an ass or even grab it!

  15. I am not a fan of after hours, but the other two are so sexy

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