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Where was I?

Oh ya, I was talking yesterday about Lana and how she surprised me in Paris.
I mean I thought I was drunk, but apparently I wasn’t.
Anyways, so Lana and I were talking and we were like wow what a run we had huh? And she was like you know we never got a chance to build a store.

I kind of laughed at this because I never really thought of myself as a shop keeper you know? But Lana was all like you know you would enjoy it a lot.
“Are you serious? Maintaining a storefront?”
And then Lana was like, “Alexis you’re an author that loves their readers. I’ve never seen anyone love their readers as much as you. You would love doing little games and sales and things that make peoples lives fun.”
That’s when BakerMan came back with the bread. Seriously, its like French people love eating fresh bread every day. Anyways, he’s like looking at Lana like who did you pick up while I was gone.
And Lana is looking at me like…girl, you got some ‘splaining to do.

Guess I do. Anyways, Lana was right. I LOVE having a store. That’s why I have these games every Friday coupled with a sale that I put together. Just go to the page here and you’ll get a chance to do it. Save your screenshot! Post your times below! The four lowest times get $5 giftcards! We’ll talk more about BakerMan and stuff later. I know Lana was talking about Mr. Lana Angel but in true fashion I’m just moving the convo back to me lol.

Hugs and kisses and lots of love!


50 thoughts on “Where was I?

  1. hi Alexis, my puzzle time was 8:55
    good luck everyone!

    1. Wow that was fast! Make sure you save your screenshot!

      1. hi Alexis, i had to redo the puzzle and my new time was 8:46. i don’t know how to take a screen shoot though, so i will have to try and find out or send the link to you, thanks 🙂

        1. That’s fine! Nice time!

          1. You are a winner! Please send your screenshot to and what store you want the gift card from!

          2. hi Alexis, i sent you an e-mail with my screen shot, thanks!

  2. My time for the puzzle was 10:19

    1. Spectacular! Make sure you save your screenshot!

  3. My time was 12:11. I loved the puzzle!

    1. I am so glad you liked it! Save you screenshot!

  4. dang you guys are awesome…. I think mine was like 28 minutes LOL>.. now win for me

  5. Hi Alexis,

    my puzzle time was 12:59, I loved the puzzle…

  6. Mine was about 56 minutes, haven’t put a puzzle together for years LOL ?

  7. Hi Alexis, my time was 3:54 to find out the name of the book. Did not need to complete the whole puzzle, is that OK?
    So glad you are back!

  8. My time was 54:40. I’ve never done an online puzzle before. I couldn’t hardly see it & I had trouble moving the pieces!

  9. My time was 11:21.

  10. 53:06. I have a terrible time getting them to click in place. Oh well it was entertaining. Thanks

  11. My brain was not too fast after a beer for lumch..for lunch. *hiccup*
    27:58 great puzzle for Baby Batter.

  12. Loved the puzzle! But got a phone call while doing it. ? (Can’t really ignore your mom.?). So terrible time…17:32. Stupid phone! But fun anyway!

  13. 30:46
    I’m awful at puzzles

  14. Well I really enjoyed the puzzle but my time sucked at 18:17

  15. Hey hey 19:50!,

  16. 18:48 too many interruptions 🙁

  17. I finished mine in 8:12. Yes, I did save a screenshot.

    1. You are a winner! Please send your screenshot to and what store you want the gift card from!

      1. Sorry didn’t see this until now will send the info to you soon.

        1. As I am away from my home computer I will do this when I get home tonight.

  18. My time was not as good but I enjoyed the puzzle. I’m so glad you and Lana are back.

  19. Lol! I played with this for 30 minutes and like 40 seconds…maybe I shouldn’t have been drinking that margarita at the same time!

  20. Lol I suck at puzzles, but I still tried it since I knew it was an Alexis Angel book. My dad time is 38 mins. Maybe I get an A for effort ?

  21. Ok, my time really stunk gals but I’m going to share it anyway, 26.40. If you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at.?! What lessons did I learn? Timers make me anxious & I suck at puzzles ? ???

  22. It took me 27.09! Lol I completed it on my phone while falling asleep! Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

  23. Hi, my puzzle time was 11:00. Baby Batter.

  24. Wow… Trying to do the puzzle on my phone was a bad idea…33:41

  25. I’m much slower at 19:13. And yes I have a screen shot 🙂

  26. My time was 7:58. I love puzzles!

    1. You are a winner! Please send your screenshot to and what store you want the gift card from!

      1. Woohoo! Thank you! Email and screenshot sent.

  27. My time was 29.08. Loved the puzzle

    1. We will do more!

  28. Wow, my time was not good and I love puzzles! Lol. So glad your finally back Alexis!

  29. My time for the Baby Batter puzzle was a sad 21:58. Byt had fun trying anyways

    1. We will get more puzzles for fun!

  30. My time was 22:37

  31. Fun puzzle! My time was 10:23. Thanks!

  32. 9:19. So happy you’re back!!

  33. Almost 25 minutes lol
    Loved the puzzle!!

  34. Mine was 7:32. Glad your back!!

    1. You are a winner! Please send your screenshot to and what store you want the gift card from!

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