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Where In The World Is Lana?

Hey Angels!

So two days ago I may have left you on a cliffhanger because Christmas was upon us and I figured that it was probably best that we not talk about having sex that’s spine tingly because its naughty and taboo during a period of peace and joy and wholesomeness lol.

Anyways, so to start getting back to the filthy we sorta ended up where it was three days that went by and Lana hadn’t come back to her apartment and I was starting to freak out real bad. 

I had messaged her on Day 2 and got no response and I messaged that I Was gonna call the cops when she messaged me and was like no she was okay but she needed to take some time and had gone back home to her mom in Indiana. 

Okay so I was relieved but I was also like oh my god what is going on. 

I mean I kinda figured its because we had fucked you know? So I’m like okay what can I do. But she’s not picking up her phone or anything. 

This is now into December and Paige and Natalie are back and they’re like okay we need to get Lana back because Lana does a lot of stuff for the store and she’s a founding member and there literally is no store unless there’s a Lana Angel. 

So we sit down and try to figure out what could have upset Lana so much. 

And I start the meeting off by having to admit that we may have sort of kind of slept together. 

And everyone is like okay what is wrong with you. Like do you need to go sleep with everything. And I started to cry and stuff and then people were like okay sorry we were just frustrated. 

But one thing is for certain and that’s we needed to get Lana back!

Stay tuned!