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Where have all the men gone?

Ok Angels, so this is a Vegas story again!

So this takes place shortly after the first meeting we all had at Starbucks where Alexis was up there with IT Guy and we were like ok job done lets go drink and gamble and look at shirtless dudes.
But before I begin, let me just say this one thing.
We have this whole thing in our heads that men are like these ravenous sex beasts. They never want to settle down and all they want to do is fuck and then after a while they want to move on. I mean I have experiences with HotDoctor but he was probably a bit insane.
So with all this about how women have to snare a man and rope him in, I have one question.
Where are these men? Because it seems to me a lot of men are just looking to jump into a relationship. And the sooner the better. In fact, they seem to want to be in a relationship more than women do.
Maybe it’s just the guys I’ve met but what happened to all the stories our mothers told us about guys just wanting to have sex?
It seems nowadays, guys just want to be in a relationship. And they’re not fixated as much on sex. They want to spend time and experience things with their significant other.
I’m not complaining. But it is kind of hard to act one way when guys are acting another. Especially if you’re not oriented that direction.
I have a lot of problems with guys nowadays. The ones just graduating from college.
First off, I don’t think they know really how to treat a woman. The concept of wining and dining her is gone I think from their brains.
Secondly, I like it when a guy works hard the whole day and then spends time with me.
I do not like it if he’s “unwilling to work” or not sure about what he’s going to do so he doesn’t work.
And I absolutely hate it if he’s still living with his parents.
What happened to the days where the guy would pay for dinner? Or where he would work all day and then come home to eat his steak and then fuck me?
I’m all for strong women. I think women can be just as alpha. But if the woman is more alpha than the man, then that creates problems. Anyone with me?
I want to respect my man. I want to look up to him.
I certainly don’t want him to spend the whole weekend playing Dungeons and Dragons with her nerdtastic friends and then topping it off by watching anime.
I don’t want him to put on skinny jeans.
I don’t want him to be more sensitive than me.
I do want him to eat red meat.
I want him to be able to throw me over his shoulder and then drop me on the bed where he proceeds to go down on me and then has his way with me. Where he treats me like a sex object.
And then I want him to love me.
But he won’t do that if he’s a decaf coffee drinking, Prius driving, effete, vegan who lives at home with his parents while he still tries to figure out what he wants to do with his life and he has strong opinions that show how entitled he is without ever having done a hard days work.

Is that too much to ask for?

I’ve been thinking this a lot. That’s why I wrote Oops! Best Man. Lana let me in on her series and it’s all about the RARRR! beast man who takes what he wants.

And I just realized I’ve gone over my limit. Vegas story coming tomorrow and its related to this!

15 thoughts on “Where have all the men gone?

  1. Yes

    1. That’s too much to ask for? Am I wrong? I just wanted to ask the angels.

    2. I hear ya!

  2. I agree 100%!!! Only thing I’d change in your rant is where you said …”at home with his parents while he figures out what to do with his life..” to “while he figures out what he wants to be when he grows up!” Because that’s what I thought you were gonna say. 😂😂
    It’s not even the living with parents that’s the trouble because when the financial crisis happened, lots of 30-40 year olds had to move home. I was dating a wonderful guy who was in that situation, but he still worked his tail off & was a for real guy…a Man’s man. (I miss him!) … But the D&D playing is a kid who has no direction & needs to put down his toys & learn to be a man!!! (I HATE that game!! 🤬🤬).

    Anyway, I’m right there with you! 👊🏻
    Girl Power, Solidarity ✊🏼

    1. If you’re working and living with your parents to save money or because the city is too expensive or whatever, that’s totally cool. But your parents raised you and now you’re still living at home and not trying your hardest to get out on your own two feet is what gets me. So yeah, I agree with you.

  3. OMG! Yes Natalie! I agree! I see teenage girls that play lacrosse that are “tougher” than a lot of guys out there! We need more real men!! It’s fine if they’re sensitive in private with the ones they love, but I can’t do crybabies who feel like they should be entitled to everything and are just looking for another person to take care of them and baby them like their momma did/does. My grandfathers would roll in their graves at men now and my dad still just flat out calls them pussies! Lol! It definitely seems like the “mans man” is harder and harder to find!

    1. Ya for sure!

  4. Preach it!! I think it is the new America – lazy, self-absorbed bums who think they are owed EVERYTHING without having to do any work at all. It isn’t just guys, there are a bunch of lazy gals too – I cannot tell you how hard it is to find someone who wants to work an honest 40 hour week and EARN their paycheck – male or female. Thank God I am not dating in this day and age. I would definitely die alone!

    1. Seriously! I don’t know who to blame.

  5. SOOOO with you Natalie

  6. I don’t really know what to say except yes, I want a man who is the man in the relationship and know he will be there in good times and in bad times. I don’t want to have to play mommy to him, he needs to stand on his own two feet with a job and not expect someone to do everything for him. I don’t want to feel stronger than him, I want to be able to depend on him to make things right. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be there for him, I want a guy who can be the man but I also want him to show a softer side when that side of him is needed. Well, I guess I said more than I though I would 🙂

    1. No I got ya!

  7. Yeah, you’re right about a real, even alpha, woman needing a real man. I lived in olden times, but my parents were both strong alphas, and I knew I could be and have that, if I tried.
    Fortunately, after a few false starts, I did find the perfect guy (for me, at least), but I had to go halfway around the world and trip over a lot of toads (not kiss frogs – those are other stories).
    Best of luck to you, because it’s half luck (or Fate, or Destiny, or whatever), but it’s also half determination.
    Stay strong and don’t settle for less than you’re worth!!

    1. Right! So glad you agree!

  8. It’s those type of guys that make me hesitant about getting back into the dating game. It’s been 21 years since I was on the dating scene. It’s time for someone to take care of me for a change! I totally agree with most of what you said. Where are all the men? I don’t want a little boy I have to raise…..

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