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What’s Gonna Happen When We Grow Old

So Alexis and I had a very productive day yesterday. We woke up and cleaned the apartment and did a lot of writing and a lot of store stuff. We had a company meeting with Daphne and Natalie and all in all we had a lot of fun.

For dinner, Alexis was like “Hey lets go to In-N-Out” and I had been having a good day so I said sure.

We started talking about the store and all the plans we had for it.

“Yeah babe, but what’s gonna happen to it after we die?” she asked me.

Whoa. I was not expecting that.

“Or more like when we get married and settled down and get too old? Will we still be able to write?”

I had no idea what to say.

“We need to find more authors so that the store can continue to stand on its own two feet,” she said to me. “We need to ensure that we have business continuity.”

Now Alexis has been reading some business books and I’m guessing this is where she got that from.

“The store is bigger than just you or me, Lana,” she said to me. “We need to make sure the Angels are taken care of.”

And she’s absolutely right.

So beginning this week, I am starting on a new project. Alexis, Daphne, Natalie and I have a long term project actually we’re kicking off.

We’re going to be bringing one new author on board each week. We’ll skew towards new authors just getting their start. But the fact of the matter is that the store is in fact bigger than all of us. We need for it to continue beyond Alexis and me. We need Dirty Lil’ Angels. We need to create the community that’s getting shut down in all the other places. We need to keep the spirit of independent authors alive.

We cannot forget this mission and purpose.

And we won’t.

We have a list of outreach that we’re going to do. And the ultimate winners we hope will be you!

5 thoughts on “What’s Gonna Happen When We Grow Old

  1. There is a long list of authors that are no longer on Amazon that you could always pull from lol. I do know that several of them have taken a page out your’s and Alexis’ book and have their own shop, but you never know.

  2. I think you guys are doing something epic. Bringing in new people just starting out is a good idea. It will be more exposure for them. It’s like paying it forward with nothing but good things to look towards. Kudos to you, Alexis, Natalie and Daphne.

  3. I’m really excited to see what’s coming next for us as well as you. Shoot honey, I don’t think you’ll ever get too old for writing because I sure don’t feel too old to read what ya’ll write. I love the way you are all thinking to the future and what will happen down the road to all of the Angels. Best wishes for success and I’ll keep following along.

  4. I agree with the previous angels comments, especially Ramona’s. The future looks bright for all of you and us angels, thanks to all of your hard work.

  5. i love the positive attitude. go for it 🙂

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