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What REALLY Happened.

Okay so I debated this one big time. Hot Dentist seemed like a good guy. He’d been in my mouth. He was totally flirty. He asked me out on a date.

Part of me didn’t even want to tell this story because it seems like a little… mean, I guess?

I mean he’s a sweet, accomplished guy. I don’t really have anything super bad to say about him. I didn’t even know how to handle this when it happened.

Before I get going into this story, because it’s a long one, I want to make sure you know that Max Bet 3 has just been released – an Angel Access exclusive!

So. Hot Dentist.

I better just spit it out, huh?

So Hot Dentist and I were off to a good start.

To recap.

He was a very hands-on dentist. Mucho flirting. We went out – since we work out at the same gym. In my mind that was kind of a date. I wore cute clothes, there was sweating.

But oh boy, that was so not our first date. I have so the weirdest way of confirming that.

And… yes, I do mean strange. Like, when you hear the whole story, I reeeeally want to hear what you think of this whole situation.

Post workout, I’d say like a few weeks later, we were sending a text here or there and it was nice and I honestly told him, hey, I’m busy with x/y/z. Store. Life. Etc. But we finally nail down a date time. Dinner and a movie. That’s pretty standard. Ya gotta do dinner first because you can’t talk during the movie, and it may not be an original sort of date (going to work out seemed like he was an exciting data) but little did I know just how he was going to blow my mind.

I get ready for the date. I’m wearing my go-to Louboutins, red bottoms for this girl’s confidence!, and a slinky black dress that wasn’t revealing but it was like sexier because it didn’t give it all away.

I did a soft brown and copper smoky eye in contrast to bring out the blue in my eyes. My hair was sleek and smooth and frizz-less (a miracle in and of itself).

I felt really damned good about how I looked. Polished and appropriate, because I always got this vibe from Hot Dentist, he wasn’t a run of the mill perv.

He never sent me dick pics or really horrible, heavy breathing type texts. No, he seemed gentlemanly.

Ha. Ha. Ha… I wasn’t wrong.

I’ll cut right to it, the man… showed up. At my door.

With his mom.

He brought his mother on our first date (more on that “first date” bit in a moment) but okay so he shows up looking quite nice. So does his mother, to her credit she was wearing a gorgeous Chanel suit.

Allowing myself not to be taken aback I accepted the compliments… and introductions.

So, we head off to dinner. He walks next to me but his mom keeps pulling his arm. Okay. Weird. Not great.

But I start to think… maybe this is an incredibly awkward moment for him, too? Maybe his mom is having a terrible day and he offered to bring her along? I don’t know. Surely there’s gotta be some kind of explanation, I rationalize, and I let myself just try and enjoy the date. I give him openings to say something to the effect that this isn’t what he intended.

His mother excuses herself after the salad course and he leans closer.

So of course I think this is it, he’s going to tell me, oh poor Mom is distraught today, sorry I brought her along.

No, he leans in and runs his hand over mine on the table. “I’m so glad,” he says, “that you don’t mind that I brought my mother on our first date. See, my last few dates didn’t go for it at all, but how am I supposed to date a woman who can’t make nice with my mother?”

I was stunned, Angels. Now I am a firm believer in that if a man isn’t good to his mother, then he’s not worth dating. I mean, don’t you agree?

But this was just so weird.

I gulped, smiled, and said, okay, I have actually had a good time with them this evening. His mother is funny and charming, as is he. Maybe I’m being too judgmental and while this is weird, I should just relax about it all.

But then I start to think… no, this is odd. He pays more attention to his mother than me during the date, at one point, it seems like since she wants to talk about a problem she’s having at this social group she goes to… one of the women there insists on drinking a glass of white wine even though they’re serving red meat.


Big problem right?

I don’t roll my eyes but I tell myself, yeah, this is weird.

But Hot Dentist says, “okay, mom, sure, but I’m on a date with Lana.”

Ha. So he does remember.

His mother huffs a little and peruses the dessert menu.

Hot Dentist actually starts flirting with me more. He says, “I’m so glad we found time to do this finally. Maybe we should skip the movie and go back to your place, or mine?”

That wouldn’t be so strange if it weren’t for that big, oh so important fact. His mother is there.

She raises an eyebrow at me. “You don’t want to eat any of this dessert, then you’ll be back in my son’s dentist chair in no time.” His mother huffs.


He says nothing. “I certainly don’t need the extra calories or sugar,” I say with a small laugh.

“So shall we go back to your place?” Hot Dentist asks.

And I blurted out, “Is your mother coming there too?”

Hot Dentist stops and thinks.


And thinks.


And his mom raises her eyebrows and throws her hands up in the air, tossing her napkin onto the table. “Well of course I need to see the home of what kind of woman my son needs to date!”

Nope, nope, nope. I smiled, thanked them both for a nice evening, and got a fucking Lyft home to tell Nat and Alexis ASAP about this weird fucking night.

So yeah it was weird. But like I kinda get where he’s coming from, too, and maybe he and his mom have a weird relationship but I didn’t tell this story right away because it just seemed kinda mean. Like, oh shame on the last man on earth who’s polite and kind…

But yeah maybe needs to cut the cord, too.

Weigh on this Angels? What do you think?

45 thoughts on “What REALLY Happened.

  1. OMG! That is too much, you don’t even know if you would hit it off, why drag the mom on a first date, and then spend more time with her than with who he is taking on the date. And to ask to go back to your place or his in front of her! Ummm NO! Cut the cord

    1. Yeah, it was weird, right?
      I thought maybe I was being Punk’d or something??

      1. Yeah, I would have to say just no to that again. Maybe after you’d been going out a while he brings along his mom but not for the first date. Sorry about that girl! No matter what, why do we have to dredge through the crazies to get to the good ones.

    2. How old is this BOY? Something’s not right with that whole picture. Hope you find a new dentist! No matter how nice he is that’s a little too strange.

  2. No. Mama’s boys are the worst. They won’t put you first. The Bible says,”a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife.” Mama’s boys don’t get that and your whole relationship will revolve around his mom.

    1. Amen. If this is the first date, imagine the marriage LOL

    2. Uh No! It’s lovely that he loves and respects his mom, but seriously if she controls him that much you’d (and any other woman) best run far far away. That woman would FOREVER be up in your business if it turned into more. Not normal!

  3. Big time NO! If he’s still THAT tied to Mama, he’s not ready to stand on his own, no matter how successful he is as a dentist. Plus, she’s obviously a total control freak who has to know EVERYTHING her son does and says and who he sees and where and… Well, you get the point. You absolutely made the right choice!

    1. Just. So. WEIRD! LOL. Men today I swear. Freaky-deeky in all the wrong ways

  4. Oh boy….he has serious Mommy issues….I’d steer clear. Be nice to him when you see him at the gym…but nothing more. I bet she’d want to go on the honeymoon if he ever got that far.

    1. OMG, I died laughing at that comment.
      “Now, honey, don’t you want to brush your teeth before you blow my son?” LOL I will be nice to him when I see him. But this was just so unexpected, I was totally blown away.
      Blown. Oops. haha.

      1. Yeah, that was so very much weird. I don’t know how else to say it. WOW!!

      2. You do know you’re going to have to find a new dentist now, right?

  5. well you aren’t the only one who thinks that was a strange date. its one thing to be gentlemanly and polite. my husband is that way and while I loved his mom to death and had loads of fun with us hanging out together when we were dating and since we married he never brought her on a date especially not our first date although my roommate tried to come along lol. we simply chose a movie she wouldn’t be caught dead watching and no more roommate lol. btw hubby says theres a book in this date lol. apparently our relationship worked out our first date was 23 years ago and were still together and happy.

    1. LOL! And aww that’s so cute how you ran off the roomie

  6. Been there. I dated this guy for a while. We were thinking about moving in together at one point. He wanted me to move in with his MOM. I liked his mom, but not that much. We were in our twenties. He didn’t want to leave his mom. I could have understood had she had some kind of medical condition or something, but nothing was wrong with her. She was perfectly capable of living and doing things on her own. I ended it.

    My cousin is with this guy, they’ve been dating for over seven years, have three kids together. He still invites his mom to everything they do. His mom, step dad, and siblings go everywhere with them. Including vacations. They don’t even have date nights without his mom. He still puts his mom before his woman and kids. My cousin hates it, but she won’t leave him. She won’t even tell him. Biggest mamma’s boy I know.

    1. I don’t care how much I love my hypothetical boyfriend… I will cringe at that level of NEVER ALONE

  7. Weird is not him bringing mom along on a date. Weird is him being COMFORTABLE with bringing along on a date. As you say, there could have been a reasonable explanation for his doing it as a kind hearted gesture, but telling you that he had done it many times before? Nah…

    Mom controlling the first date…
    Mom running the wedding…
    Mom rolling the condom on him…
    Mom choosing names for the grandkids…
    Mom selecting the divorce lawyer…

    Nah… Just too many bad Mom moments come to mind. But at least you know why he’s still single.

  8. 😂 OMG, uh, that’s THE strangest first date I’ve ever heard of. I’m sure he’s a nice man and it’s good to know he loves his mom and treats her well because it usually translates to treating you well, but… You have to draw the line at inviting her home on the date. She should have caught the Lyft, not you. Bye bye dentist.

  9. No, no and no! More than weird. More than odd. In my world, first dates are boy and girl. Together by themselves. If mom wants to meet the date, bring her over to mom ‘s before the date or at a later date. My husband did that with our first date. He picked me up, and we traveled back to his family’s home. Met his mom and dad and off we went. Still cringing at your story!

  10. Um…no! I am a dentist. And most of us are pretty “normal”. That – isn’t! I can almost guarantee he’d be shunned by the rest of the dental community for that move…or at the very least, be made the butt of at least a few hundered jokes. Honestly, most dentists (and doctors for that matter) were probably a bit wild and crazy at some point in their life. (High stress makes us work hard and play hard!) Granted most of us grow up and settle down a bit…but that is taking it too far the other way! That’s just messed up and you absolutely should have bailed and gone home and laughed you ass off with a huge glass of wine…or three!

  11. OMG, no. I’m married to a mama’s boy and I freely admit that it was a mistake, but I kept thinking it would get better. We got an apartment 3 weeks before we married. I slept there alone for the first few nights and he slept at his parents house. When our daughter was born, he was with his mother instead of me, she needed coffee and a cigarette because her nerves were frayed. For the first 4 years of my daughter’s life, we lived within 4 miles of the MIL, so she came by multiple times a day. The record was 11 times. She inserted herself in every holiday, birthday, etc. She even passed my baby off as hers on one occasion because she wanted people to think she was much younger. My husband became a stay at home father because his mother called him constantly while he was working. She didn’t care how much trouble he got into, he was a cop at the time. When he was deployed to the middle east, she called the base. She ended up talking to the admiral and my husband was called in to ‘call his mommy’. My husband doesn’t buy me gifts or cards, we’re literally le roommates. As you can see, I could fill this entire blog with horror stories.

    Regardless of all of this, the are many good things about him. You simply have to determine if a constant battle for his attention is worth it. We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary this year by going to the northeast in December to watch a football game in an open stadium. 😒 Thank God the sex is fantastic!😉

  12. Ok, I get that you need to get along with his mother but don’t bring her to the first date. That’s when you both are meant to be getting to know each other & to figure out if he’s worth a second date.
    I’m gonna have to say that’s a big fat NO when she invites herself to your apartment, seriously WTF!
    Has he made contact since the date &/or explained that his mother was joking (hopefully)?

  13. Ok, I understand you want your date to meet and get along with mom, but arrange for her to be sitting at the bar with a friend and “accidentally” meet for a moment. Not hang out all thru dinner, then insist on checking out your living situation!! And judging you about dessert! You were much kinder to them than I would have been!! Yes, he needs to cut the cord, and she needs to loosen the reins as well. It’s hard, especially when you’re very close with your parents. But at some point he needs to be allowed to live his own life and make his own mistakes. She can’t coddle him forever. Your story isn’t mean, any more than any other post date rehash. Relax, drink your wine, and save this for your memoirs!!! 😂😜❤️🤦🏼‍♀️

  14. Honey I’m a mother of a grown son and I’ve met some of the girls he dated but at my house when he brought them by…it a family get together out at a park, small kids birthdays etc..NEVER did I ever want to go on a “date” with him or see her house! He’s a definite mommy’s not in the worse e

    1. Sweet Jesus!
      He’s Still latched onto the Teat, as they say… I’d say it’s High Time HE Detatches & let’s MOMMIE Dearest GO!
      Glad you have Him the Heave Ho… Cuz, you don’t NEED No Momma’s Boy still whining for a Blanky, Cuddle, & Suckle from Mommy while She calls ALL the Shots!
      Go get DRILLED by a Big Boy who knows how to WORK his Power Tools without Call’n in His Mommy for the 411…
      And Let THAT Guy’s MOM call HIM a WhaaaAmbulance!

      Proud MOTHER of a Grown Ass Independent Son & Two Daughters!

  15. 😮
    Girl it’s a good thing you ran!!

  16. I get you want to be nice because he’s a nice guy but the mommy issues make me think if he’s not a virgin, mom was probably in the room telling him what to do. “You’re spending too much time on that nipple, move to the other one. Make sure you get the clit when you’re licking her pussy. You remember me showing you where it’s located, right? I think you’re thrusting too hard. No one likes jack rabbit sex!” I could go on but I think you get it. You did the right thing by leaving. You would be dating both of them, no doubt! Do you honestly want to be cock-blocked by mom on every date? It’s totally fucking weird and rude that he just showed up with her without saying a word to you!! You may want to find a new dentist.

    1. I can’t stop laughing reading this.

    2. OMG… That’s TOO funny!
      Like instead of a Traffic Cop, She’s the Orgasm Police!

  17. On a first date he brought his mother along. Run the other away as fat and fast as possible. He may be hot, but no one has their date meet their parents on the first date. I am sorry to say this, he sounds like he needs his mom’s approval for everything he does and who he dates.

    1. Yeah, no second chance there huh?

  18. It’s nice that he is respectful to his mother and all, but that is toooooo much. He definitely needs to cut the cord. Usually you don’t meet the parents that soon. Especially, a first date. It was mean of him to pay more attention to his mother than you. Would she be going on every date? What a weird first date. It reminds me of Alexis’s date with freeway guy and the women’s underwear. 😂😂There are some strange guys around.

  19. It’s even worse than Alexis’s Freeway panty guy. Next

  20. Holy crap! I know it really happened but dayum! That’s like sitcom material. Glad you took off cuz I know Mommas boys don’t cut the cord EVER! Straight up love of my young life when I was 17 and 18. Mommy told a big fat lie about me and he believed it. Needless to say he’s never been married and is mid 50’s now. Living in CA now.
    Um yea . Run as far and as fast as you can , bullet dodged. I dunno I mean you played nice but I think towards the end I would’ve said something, not sure what but def something. He will remain single as long as Mommy goes on his dates with him.

  21. You cant make this shit up!

  22. Sorry this one didn’t work out for you. A guy bringing his mother on a 1st date and then her wanting to go back to your place, means run the other way. You were only going on a date, not interviewing to go for an immediate marriage. He is hopeless for ever getting married, if this is how he handles 1st dates. I’m pretty conservative, but I would even run the other way

  23. Mean? Oh no Lana, that’s not mean at all. You handled it with more grace than I would have. I’m afraid that date would never have gotten off the ground, much less out of the apartment. Did he think he needed a chaperone? If he’s a dentist then surely he’s old enough to know that Moms, nor anyone else for that matter, should come along on a first date.

    He obviously knew what flirting was so surely he didn’t need any pointers on how to act on a date without his Mommy.

    I agree, you can be nice when you see him and if he asks why you bailed on him and Mommy then just tell him it made you very uncomfortable when she wanted to check out the apartment where you lived. It sounded like she needed to give her approval before there would be a second date.

  24. That is just wayyyyyy to weird. You did well, being nice to his mom on the date. He is a grown man and can make his own decisions. I get why people want their parents permission, but I believe he went too far. His mother I believe is too controlling and probably would have tried to do that with your life too if you two got serious. I think its a good thing you left. You made the right decision

  25. I just keep getting flashes of Psycho. Like maybe he lives at the Bates motel, because seriously, who brings their parents on a date after the age of 18!?! He has serious attachment issues and no woman other than his mother is good enough for him. Time to find a new dentist.

  26. I’d give him a hard pass. No mommy issues allowed!!!

  27. The question I ask is what kind of mother would actually consider going on a date with her son. Why would she be so “motherly” to even think of doing this. I am the mother of two sons and I wouldn’t even consider going with them on a first date let alone going to her place or his afterward. Yes I find them both really weird as well as the entire situation. She comes across as a sick person, and I wouldn’t go out with him again either. I agree that you should think about finding a different dentist! Just think if you guys had sex she may even watch!!!! OMG!!!

  28. I don’t even know what to say to all this. If it was me, I don’t think I would have even gone out to dinner. He had to know how weird this was, right? I mean, come on, it’s a first date not an interview for marriage. How about going on several dates first and then introducing you to his mother. Does this guy live with mommy too? Was mommy going to be there if you two had sex so she could decide if you were doing it right? Something ain’t right with these people.

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