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What I Whispered…

Hey Angels!

So after I do this one of the things we are going to do tomorrow is the author interview with Hannah Dane because literally she came to the store and then we started talking about Hot Dentist and that’s just totally not fair to her. But I told you guys I was going to say what I whispered when Daphne had her arm around Gym Dude and Alexis had her arm around Gym Rat and they were jerking off to see who could entice the other man first. Losing was unacceptable because as close as they were standing they would have cum on each other.

So Natalie says that I came over, moved her aside and then whispered and within a few seconds that Gym Dude couldn’t control himself and he came.

That’s partly true. But everyone was so fixated that no one paid attention to the other thing I did.

No I did not touch below the waist! That was a big rule and I didn’t break it! Also none of the other angels knows about this so this post is going to take them by surprise.

Here are the facts. You guys know already that the guys were naked and that all the girls were in their underwear. I had on a nice little black thong (actually I think it’s from Alexis’ collection of lingerie that she’s been working on but that’s a whole different story. Its either that or it’s actually from Alexis’ drawer but we’ve gotten to that point now where she takes underwear from me because it’s waiting for laundry and I have to go find them back. Go figure.)

Anyways, that’s not the point. The point is that I had a cute little black thong on with a matching black bra. And Natalie was whispering stuff to Gym Dude but it wasn’t working fast. So I needed to do something. I moved Daphne to the side. And then I wrapped myself around Gym Dude. And I whispered in his ear….

“Look to your right in about five seconds…”

Now that’s only half the story. Then I left and Nataliecame back cooing in his ear and no one paid any attention to me.

They didn’t pay attention as I went to Gym Dude’s right and bent over, holding my hands on the back of the couch.

They didn’t pay attention as I touched my ass and looked behind him and shook my ass.

They didn’t pay attention as he looked over and saw me licking my lips and running a finger up and down the fabric of my panties.

What they did pay attention to was three seconds later when he went insane and came all over Gym Rat and Alexis.

What they paid attention to was Alexis scooping that cum off of Gym Rat and putting her finger in Natalie’s mouth.

But no one paid attention to the little ass shaking that changed the whole game. When people said it was the quiet ones you need to watch out for…they were right.

Oh and you guys’ are totally right. Dating your dentist is super illegal. But we talked about that yesterday at the gym. I’ll have more updates on that later.

Talk later Angels!


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7 thoughts on “What I Whispered…

  1. wait, dating your dentist is illegal???
    My sister was a dentist, and she married one of her clients.
    There must be a way around that hurdle!
    Go for it, you little tush teaser!

  2. Lana you are my girl!!! Love that it’s always the quiet ones like us!
    And damn leave us hanging on the Hot Dentist conversation!! Lol. Love you ladies.

  3. Ummm…I’m a dentist and I know for a fact it’s not illegal to date your patients. Not that I’ve done that in the past or anything…🙄

  4. No, not illegal. Some uptight citizen might say unethical. Pay NO attention to uptight.

  5. I am soooo very proud of you Lana,,,,,, you quiet one’s always have an Ace up your sleeve,,,, LOL,,, great job,,, !!!

  6. You go girl… I love it and yep, it’s like I said, the quiet ones are the ones you really need to keep your eye on (no pun intended 🙂 )Good luck with Hot Dentist.

  7. Wowzer! Great imagination and follow through. I like a quiet,quick thinker. Good for you, you sexy thing.😻

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