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What happened upstairs…

Hey Angels!

So I’m taking over today because Daphne is getting ready to publish and because I had like a birds eye view of what was happening while Daphne was…well you’ll find out. 

So where were we…

Oh yeah.

Anyways, so we take an elevator to go up to this floor and it’s mainly offices. And I can tell the horniness has really taken over Daphne Dawn. It’s totally affected me and Lana as well. I can feel her pull herself closer to me and I think I even fondle her ass as we walk up. We’ve forgotten about the two dudes who are in the VIP section that we were talking to because we’re about to go see something really hot you know?

So we get to the room and it has this amazing seating arrangement with these plush couches. But better than anything it’s literally got a view of the entire dance floor. 

Without further ado, Daphne takes the hand of both guys and goes to the window overlooking the dance floor and I’m thinking oh my god I’m in an Alexis book lol. 

She starts making out with one of the dudes, I’m going to call him Black Shirt. The other guy is wearing a White Shirt and he starts rubbing her ass. I’m just sitting on a stool looking at them and I watch with an open mouth as both of the dudes takes off Daphne’s blouse and she’s got this really cute nude colored bra on. 

She’s wearing these tight leather pants and they take that off her and I’m like agape at the sexy underwear Daphne is sporting. In a moment, their shirts are off and Lana and I look at each other because these dudes are pretty amazing. 

Now they’re all three pushed together and I’m starting to get so wet because I see Daphne get on her knees and unbuckle Black Shirt. White Shirt can’t wait and in like two minutes both these guys have their pants down and are taking their feet out of them. 

They obviously have no problem performing for an audience which is so much better than other guys that we’ve encountered, you know?

One thing is they’re not wearing any boxer briefs. They both have boxers. White Shirt (whose shirt is off now) is actually  wearing cute boxers with a giant M&M on it and I’m like cooing in a mix of lust and aww being like omg that’s amazing. 

And that’s when she takes White Shirt’s boxers down and uses her hands to pull down Black Shirt’s boxers too. 

Two hard cocks pointing right at her, she wastes no time lol. She starts going down on Black Shirt Dude and starts jerking off White Shirt Dude. I’m like totally riveted as I watch her give head, Angels because she’s a pro. Every few licks she switches over to the next dude and she definitely knows what she’s doing. 

That’s when Lana turns to me and she’s got like a fire in her eyes. 

“Wanna join in?” she asks. 

Yeah, I know. Like who would have predicted this a year ago huh? Sweet lil Lana. 

2 thoughts on “What happened upstairs…

  1. Y’all just keep me on the edge of my seat. Love reading about all of your escapades and it makes me wish I was in my 20’s or 30’s again.

    Look forward to more of this delicious saga 🙂

  2. WOW
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

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