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What Happened After IT Guy Knocked.

lol Angels its me again!
So today I’m going to go through what happened in Vegas between the time that IT Guy knocked on the suite door that Lana and I were staying in and swept me off my feet.
So immediately after that we went to the far side of the hotel where he had gotten himself a room.
“How were you able to check in already?” I asked.
“I have rewards points, baby,” he whispered to my ear. “I stay with this chain enough that even if I come early they give me a room.”
Now that was just sexy.
Hotels that waive check in times? He knows how to make my knees tremble lol.
And yes, it took us like five seconds before he was grabbing my boobs and pushing me against the wall and lifting up my skirt.
It took another five seconds until I was on the couch with my legs folded behind my legs as he was rubbing his dick all over my face.
It took another fifteen seconds until we began to fuck in the messiest and most animalistic way possible.
And it took like two hours before he just came so hard that it felt like a fire hydrant of hot liquid hitting my face.
I was barely any better. I couldn’t walk. I was exhausted. I had cum so many times that I was like just laying there on the floor (we went from the couch to the desk to the windowsill to the floor – we never made it to the bed) and I’m like drooling on my arm in sex brain coma.
I’m pretty sure that IT Guy carried me to the bed (because I didn’t really float there and I couldn’t walk) and then we both sort of dozed off.
When I woke up he was setting up breakfast. He had ordered room service and gotten a giant breakfast spread. We sat near the table next to the floor to ceiling windows and I ate a croissant as we just talked. IT Guy was eating steak and eggs and I realized I was starving from all the sex. So I ate too.

After eating, the hunger now gone, the lust came back lol. As IT Guy was eating, I felt strangely jealous that he was paying attention to food and not to me on such a momentous day. So I got off the chair and under the table and began to blow him.

He stopped eating and leaned back as I began my ministrations.

When I was satisfied that I had his full attention (mainly because he came down my throat) I was satisfied. We got in the giant shower where he got me off with his fingers three more times and then held me up as he soaped me up and washed me.

Afterwards I was like okay it’s noon. I should probably go see what the girls are doing. So I texted Lana and Daphne and they were like no don’t worry, we’re drunk and gambling. Go enjoy yourself. The meeting was a success.

And the day was spread out ahead of us.


Today’s release is from Liz K. Lorde. It’s called Pricked and its a third standalone in the Chaos Nevada series. It’s amazing and super addictive to read. Check it out!

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  1. Yay!

    1. You are both so on the same wavelength…. great !. Perfect….😘

  2. Wow!!! Tell us more

    1. You are both so on the same wavelength……just perfect 😘

    2. I wanna know what was SAID before he came out to Vegas Baby!!

  3. Woo Hoo!! So glad you and IT Guy are together!


  5. Now that sounds like a day I could get in to πŸ™‚ Great food, better sex and just relaxing, yep it’s official, I am totally jealous πŸ™‚

  6. I am sooo happy for you guys. The only thing that would make IT guys visit better would be more sex. I love it!

  7. Official -yes? Most excellent!

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