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Welcome to our newest author – Liz K. Lorde!

Yay I am on a roll. First I got to introduce Paige and now I get to introduce my dear friend, Liz!

I want to introduce Liz K. Lorde to the store! Liz has written with me in the past and we published a book today that we had worked on before. I’ve been trying to convince Liz to make the jump over to the store for a while now and finally a few days ago she agreed!

But we were already processing Paige so we had to time this to come afterwards. We know the drill right, angels?

Ask your questions. I’m introducing today. And then we’ll go over the author interview tomorrow. And then Liz will answer questions after that!

Also thanks to Liz. With her book that we wrote we’re back in the Featured Books section. Whew!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to our newest author – Liz K. Lorde!

  1. Welcome going out to Liz K. Lorde. I have read books that you wrote with Daphne and loved them. Sure hope you have as much fun with this group of great authors as I do reading their books and hearing from them in the blog and DLA 🙂

  2. Welcome Liz! Looking forward to reading more of your books xx

  3. Welcome Liz. I am looking forward to reading your books as much as I like reading the other authors in the group. I truly hope you enjoy this group as much as we do. Have a blessed day.

  4. Welcome Liz. I really look forward to reading more of your books. I have really enjoyed the ones that I have read.

  5. Welcome,Liz!

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