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Welcome to Naughty Angel Publishing!

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Hey Angels!

It happened. All my books got taken down from Amazon.
Kinda hard to be an author when you’re in Kindle Unlimited and they shut you down.
I had no idea at the time, and for the longest time I was like omg what the fuck am I gonna do.
But then I realized I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. I had readers that were waiting for me. I couldn’t just leave them.
I’m sorry I was away for as long as I was. For a while there I lost my way. I apologize.
But to atone for it, I made a place for my angels to come and find me whenever they want.
And I started writing again.
The world feels better when you’re writing again.
My collection is coming online here bit by bit. But this is where I’m going to be going forward.
Welcome to Naughty Angel Publishing.
Get ready to get sticky!


Hugs and kisses and lots of love



56 thoughts on “Welcome to Naughty Angel Publishing!

  1. Glad your back. Missed ya

    1. Miss you too omg!!

    2. Really glad your back! Missed ya.

  2. So incredibly glad you are back. We’ve missed you and your delicious books. X

    1. Thank you! I have a lot of stuff planned!!

  3. You got this! I am excited you are back. We all missed you <3

    1. Thank you! I missed you!

  4. Welcome Back Alexis!!, I am so sorry to hear about what amazon did to you, but its not just you they have done it to. Its a lot of authors, so many of my favorites are just gone. I am so glad you have come back strong and with a plan. I love the site. Can I ask you a question? How was Europe? or is that a taboo subject? Please we would really love to know how it went stretching your wings!!… Also can we ask, Are you still in contact with Winebar??

    1. Not a taboo subject at all! I’ll be filling you guys in on all the details soon!!

      1. I second everything Kathy said. I was so worried about you. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw an email from you. I am sooooo happy you are back. I also can’t wait to hear about Winebar. You have the best stories!

  5. I’m so glad you’re back! ??

    1. Thank you so much!

  6. Glad your back!

  7. So glad your back. Can’t wait to here about all your adventures while you were away.

    1. I can’t wait to tell you too!

  8. GiRL!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! I am over the moon to have you Back!! I thought of you very often, not gonna lie. I missed you Tons! I knew it in my heart you would be back! Bringing it back GiRL! YOU are Fierce! YASSS!!! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what you have in store us! xo

    1. I missed you too!

  9. Sooooo happy you are back!!! Girl hold your head up high! Your readers will always have your back!!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah my head is held high. Unless its bobbing.

  10. Welcome back. I was worried about you and didn’t know how to reach you to make sure you were okay. Glad you have this site available.

    1. I’m here now and I’m not leaving!

  11. Alexis, so glad you are back. I was so worried about you. Glad you took some time for yourself, we all need it. You are wonderfully made and can do anything, and I mean anything. We are all here to support you. Love you girl!??. So excited for this new adventure for you and us!!

    1. Thank you so much! That means so much! I’m excited too!

  12. Welcome back!

  13. Welcome back!! I so missed my daily update on the life of Alexis!

    1. Its gonna start soon!

  14. Welcome back, hope you had some fun this summer, in spite of the evil empire!

    1. LOL never underestimate an angel!

  15. I missed you!!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!

    1. I missed you too!

  16. Hi Alexis and welcome back!! You were sorely missed for certain. I’m glad to hear you didn’t give up on writing your books. I truly enjoy them all. I’m looking forward to hearing about your next adventures, reading your books and your blogs.

  17. So glad to finally hear from y’all ! I’m just wondering wtf is going on with amazon. All my faves are getting yanked off. Not cool!

  18. Hooray, you’re back???
    Missed you, & been thinking about what you were up to.

  19. Glad to see that you are back. I hope you are doing well. Looking forward to your new books!

  20. So glad you are back. I missed you so much. As I was getting iron infusion yesterday, I told my husband how much I missed you.
    Stay strong, keep writing. Life gets so much better, I should know at 70.

  21. Its great to have you back!!!!! Im so happy that you didnt give up writting.

  22. Glad your back! Really missed hearing about you and Winebar. How was Europe?

  23. So glad you are back! Lol even many others, I missed your emails and new books from you while you were gone! So many authors have been dropped by Amazon, it’s really sad! Hope things are going well for you now, and happy writing!!

    1. Ya it sucks. But I’m not leaving

  24. Yay glad you are back! Just bought hit & run 🙂

    1. Thanks! More to come!

  25. Missed you soooo much! Glad you’re back feisty & fierce. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures while you were away ??

    1. And they’re coming!

  26. So glad your back!

    1. Thank you so much!

  27. I am so glad you are back I missed you and hearing your stories, also I missed getting your books. I have all of them thus far. Lol. Cant wait to see what is next.

  28. So glad you are back. really missed your books and you. Glad to hear you have a plan

  29. Amazon has really screwed a lot of authors lately. Making it harder to enjoy our favorite authors. If I can make a request, it would be great if reviews and page count could be added for each of the book pages.

    1. So when Amazon took the books down I sorta lost my old reviews. Like tens of thousands of them. I’m trying to figure something out for the future though.

  30. So glad your back.

  31. So glad u r back i missed your fab stories, i completed the puzzle but not sure where i am ment to post my results lol

  32. Welcome back Alexis – missed you and your newsletters!! Looking forward to reading your new books!!

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