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Welcome to hell?

Howdy Angels!

I am so sorry we’ve been quiet for a week. So like summer turned to fall somehow and the temperature dropped and it went back up and went back down and no one knew what to do and like I got sick with a cold that turned into a flu and then Lana got sick from me. 

Honestly Angels…Lana is telling me that I got sick because I was vaping but I quit that but she says its still affecting me. I dunno how much I believe her but I was coughing pretty bad and that’s when all those news reports came in that said people were going to the hospital for vaping related illnesses. 

I mean I know why I used to smoke – it helped me not eat and helped me deal with stress. And then when I had to quit smoking because it wasn’t sexy anymore I started vaping. Its so not sexy I know that and I know that its totally not like the whole Alexis thing but you know I’m not always like perfect so there are bad habits I have too and this is one of them. 

Anyways I think other than that there are no real bad habits (thats what I think most of the time). Anyways try having the flu and shivers and chills all over again like April and be jonesing for nicotine and you’ll feel pretty terrible. 

On top of all that we get a note today that our power is going to be shut off tomorrow for a week because of wildfires in California or something. 

Lana is all like ok we need to go get water or fresh water and I go to the store and I get water but I also get lots and lots of vodka and cranberry juice and Lana is like omg also get like all the canned food you can get. Then she asks me “Hey Alexis do you have a can opener?”

I look at her all puzzled. 

“Lana I’m not dating for the time being,” I tell her. 

“No you slut, I’m talking about the appliance so we can do it ourselves.”

Oh. Right. I don’t even have a can opener. 

Lately the last year or so I’ve used the oven to store shoes and stuff lol. I actually remember when I used to cook and bake and do stuff recently but being a store owner makes you busy. Having the flu also takes away from cooking you know?

So I guess the power outage is happening tonight. Lana and I will just go to a Starbucks and sit there probably with Natalie but like when it comes time to eat I guess we’ll just bang some cans against a rock or something till we can get food out and then eat that? Who knows. I mean In-N-Out better have a backup generator is all I’m saying. 

Anyways Angels, stay safe out there. 

Hugs and Kisses and lots of love


8 thoughts on “Welcome to hell?

  1. Alexis, the vaping problems and deaths were related to black market THC . So as long as you are not doing that regular vaping is not great but to get you through tough times. I vape too, got me off cigarettes and curbs food cravings.
    But yea. So we got the cold/ flu going on east coast too. Screwy weather. Get better and honestly I would go to a hotel in another city away from any fires!

  2. If you can, you might be better off pitching in for a room and staying somewhere else during the outage. Might be worth it. Stay safe and hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Thank God we are just out of the outage! Come on down to San Jose we have electric in most parts! Sorry your sick…the weather is typical for this time of year here…you should be use to it being raised in California ! Feel better and but came that have that ring on top then you don’t need a can opener!

  4. Sorry I meant buy .not but!…Buy the cans with pull tabs on top then you won’t need can opener!! Auto correct sucks!!

  5. You need a hot toddy and a sweaty night in bed (alone)!!! Sweat that cold out!!

  6. Yikes! Stay safe!

  7. Hope y’all have your electric back. I’ve been watching the news and it is really scary. As for vaping, please make sure you get completely checked out for lung issues, there are so many horror stories out there and my sister-in-law who is an Emergency Room Manager (R.N.) says they are starting to come in to the ER and their lungs are being burned from the concentrated nicotine, especially the flavored ones. Be careful and y’all stay safe <3

  8. Curious, will the store be available during the electricity outage.

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