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Welcome Caroline Angel… and Lots More!!!

So last night, if you follow us on Twitter, you’ll note that quite a bit of drunk texting happened. Lana and I had entirely too much fun last night lol and we regret nothing!!!

Speaking of Lana, keep the advice coming. She’s been reading over the comments but hasn’t responded yet because she wants to take time to consider everything and give the Angels a chance to speak and help. 

We both know how wonderful you Angels are and how much your advice helps.

I gave some Angel advice of my own, too, to a new author…

Caroline Angel.

Friends to Lovers small town romance

She’s possibly someone you’ll recognize, as I mentioned that my mom used to read her series of mysteries. She’s revised and rewritten the major romance that she wrote to be a really fab and sexy series that will keep you turning the pages.

Also new in Angel Access, and an Angel Access exclusive, is the first episode of Summer Escape. 

Because of that release, I figured for a limited time, we’d keep the first season box set, Summer of Love, up.

Every author on the store (some that you are going to be surprises I’m sure!!) has a season of the Summer Lovin’ series that they worked on. Each season follows a couple… and well lol in Lana’s case of course her book isn’t MF lol she wants more dudes (hahaha if you could see the look she’s giving me!!!!)

But doesn’t that sound totally fun?

So you’ve also heard that a lot of new things are coming to the store.

Big redesign coming soon.

New ARC team going to accept applications soon.

We’re going to have a recipe contest soon. (30 minute meals!)

And Angel Access members will start receiving weekly members-only perks that’ll be so fun! (Angel Access is our ebook subscription service… got some emails from people last night who hadn’t heard of it so I figured I better explain that!!!)

Woo, that’s a lot of stuff.

What do you think? And what do you want to see?

I know Paige said that we need to take care of a few more things before we get the wishlist together. Bc yes we need that too!

Tell us what u think Angels!!

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  1. Ooo, so much to look forward too! Thanks for keeping the interest up.

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