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Weekend Prep

Hey Angels!

So I think we’re all sufficiently recovered from the New Year.

So I’ve been doing the okay I need to find strength through not jumping into bed with the first guy I see thing after IT Guy and I broke up and when the stuff with WineBar was like okay we need to have a serious conversation.

But you know what? I was so focused on finding clarity through denying myself my urges that I forgot something. That in giving into my basest desires sometimes I’ve found clarity just as much.

I know this sounds really woo woo but being with Lana actually helped clear that up for me. If something feels good, we should totally do it! I dunno why we don’t. I guess its centuries of repressing our desires. But sometimes you need to think with the pleasure center of your brain and give in to animal temptations. That’s what Lana taught me.

So going forward, I’m not looking for a relationship. That’s my New Year’s resolution. If one happens, then great I’m going to be focused on making it work. I’m not going to sabotage it. I’m going to be all in. But I’m not going to hold back and cross my legs and throw away the key either. If someone wants to come over for a taste I’m going to do what I feel like doing and that’s going to be what I want to do at that moment in time.

So that meant this weekend Lana and I are going to go out on the town.

Haha Lana said yesterday she needs to relax this weekend! No she can’t! She can relax in February! Right now we have to go to clubs!

We’re gonna hit some clubs and hang out. The plan is simple. And I dunno if Lana is gonna back out in the last minute but it’s okay if she does because Daphne will be right there too. She’s staying over for a bit in the hopes that we’re going to do something kinky because Daphne is super duper fucking kinky it turns out. The freakier the better for her.

Anyways so our plan is going to be to go find a single guy and then both do him together. But we want to also use him to make the other person cum harder. So if he’s like fucking Lana then I’ll be stroking her clit so that she can lean back and just feel good, you know? We think its gonna be a good plan but Lana is sorta nervous because she’s only imagined doing stuff like this and not really ever really done it.

Anyways, so that’s the plan for going out tonight. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Stay safe Angels!


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  1. Like I told Daphne, hope all of you have a blast 🙂 Make the new year sizzle.

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