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We Are Working On A Secret Contemporary Romance Novel Project!!

Hey Angels!

We’re working on a secret project today lol! that’s right! All the girls are doing their part to work on a secret project that will make the store an even more amazing beacon of contemporary romance novels!!

Each of us has a role and we’ve been working all day behind the scenes! In fact it’s gonna be taking the store in a amazing new direction! Think about it. The store debuted on October 29 and it’s had some crazy big changes since then.

Remember Payhip? That was the first iteration of the store right? And then we started changing this with Featured Deals. Now we have different deals and constant releases. So our goal is to bring two new authors (we’re wokring on that too) each week and get people at least 2 new releases each day. And then 3 new releases. Also lots of fun things to do in the store and DLA!

Anyways, in the meantime, there is a new giveaway on the main page! So check it out!

And I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “We Are Working On A Secret Contemporary Romance Novel Project!!

  1. Can’t wait to see the next change. You all have made this so fun for us all.

  2. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I’m looking forward to see where ya’ll take us.

  3. It’s exciting to see how much and how quickly Naughty Angel Publishing is growing, Congratulations to all associated authors! What a blessing leaving Amazon has become for Alexis (and all NAP authors) and their fans.

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