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We are in Vegas!

Ya we gotta talk about the actual deep throat contest yet because I need to tell you what happened when we got home!

But right now we’re in Vegas!

We flew in this morning. Well, natalie and Lana and me did. Paige and Liz got here an hour ago. Daphne was already here. The rest of the folks have trickled in!

Its really hard to write a blog post with all these friends mingling about lol! Also I’ve had like two drinks and I’m BUZZZZZZZING!

We’re gonna go get lunch somehwere and then go to MAC and then go buy stuff that we need and then we’re gonna go out on the town! Yes, babe! We are finally gonna make plans all together! This is gonna make a great store for you!

But right now I think we’re gonna have more drinks with tequila in them. Lana is like drinking and rolling around in the bed and Callie has offered to finger anyone that gets too horny and can’t wait for dick. I would be like eyebrow raise at that but I guess everyone is going crazy because its Vegas.

Callie and Lana are also like how many guys can we bring back but Lana is like I want so many that they may not fit in one elevator unless I get on my knees. I’m like what does that even mean but then again I came up with a deep throat contest so I guess I don’t have much room to talk.

Oh and IT Guy. We got 2 hours of sleep last night because we were packing and I was releasing Wild Cards 8 and 9 in the Reverse Harem series and he was like “hey”

And I was like whats up and he was like “when you get back we should talk about our relationship.”

And I’m like WHOA. And he’s like “I want you to go have fun in Vegas. Don’t worry. But you fall asleep with your arms around me and you talk about “snoogling” me which I guess I do. I use that word. So he’s like “lets just make sure we’re on the same page because I don’t want to hurt you in any way and I don’t want you to think you hurt me. I care about you a lot.”

I was like heart beating up to 200 bpm at that babes. A part of me is like wanting him to come out to Vegas so I can be with him because you know I just realized I sorta miss him but this is a girls thing. Well its a company thing and he sorta built this whole thing with us.

Why does this always happen to me? And no, I know he doesn’t read the blogs because he’s told me I’m super busy and I don’t read the blogs and guess what, I’m having sex with Alexis Angel so I don’t really care what happens on a blog, you go hang out with your Angels I’m not threatened.

Which is way different than WineBar remember who told me not to talk to you guys? Ugh. I always fall in situations like this .


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14 thoughts on “We are in Vegas!

  1. I know you didn’t want to join from relationship to relationship but I think IT Guy may have just come in at a time you needed him. You guys tried no strings attached but clearly you both are thinking that that no longer applies. When you want him around all the time and miss him when he’s not there. Not only that but you wanted it for so long from Winebar and it just seems like IT Guy is ready to give that to you. Don’t let him walk away without trying with him.

  2. Alexis you need to tie down IT guy and keep him he’s definitely a keeper and into you. I think IT guy wants to be exclusive with you and I think you should give it a try he respects you way more than Winebar ever did don’t let him spoil a good thing with IT guy. Enjoy Vegas and talk to him when you get back and see where things go I really like this guy he’s good for you. 😙😙

  3. Have Soo much fun in Vegas!!! I know that you will be crazy as always!!!! I live through you guys and all your fun and sometime your hot steamy night I guess days too. hahaha CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TEASING US WITH ALL YOUR 1/2 STORIES 😁LOL. There are too many stories completely leaving us hanging and excited, frustrated all in one ( not fair ☹️) I have a feeling that your time in Vegas will take numerous times to tell us all about or I mean “business meetings” lol. 😀 love yo💕 guys. The angel Access is such a great fantastic idea. From a longgg time Angel👼.

  4. I really want to join AngelAcess but my phone will not allow me to use Book funnel only Profic works ( sorry I think that is correct spelling). Everytime I receive text I see you talk anbout AngelAcess I feel frustrated and jealous at the same time that AngelAcess is such a great price to get so many books and more being added daily 😥

  5. I agree with what’s already been said. Have fun in Vegas but don’t spoil what you have with IT guy….he sounds wonderful. Xx

  6. I agree with the above Angels. IT could be the real deal! It didn’t sound like the dreaded “we need to talk” like there’s a problem, more, “let’s talk so neither of us get hurt” which is healthy & right.
    Tie. Him. Down. (Both in bed & out hehe) see how it goes, reevaluate if necessary.

    Have fun in Vegas!!! But be safe, ladies!!! 😘

    1. Your whole package is staring you in the face and you’re running scared? Woman up!!!! You started writing because you wanted to empower women, well what is more empowering than laying it all on the line with the one person who makes you feel safe and fearful all at once. Don’t let what Winebar did make you walk away from something real because of some arbitrary timeline about when you’ll be ready for a relationship again.

      You have a man who allows you to be you unapologetically and supports you no matter what. That is a rarity of the unicorn variety. You are Alexis Angel not some shrinking violet too timid to take a risk. Have fun with the girls in Vegas then go home and Get. Your. Man.

  7. I say take the jump and give the relationship a real chance. He has been standing aside as you have spread your wings and dated and slept with other guys yet he has understood it due to you needing to find yourself again.

    If the fear of falling for him due to Winebar, please don’t compare the two IT guy has never told you what to do or who you can talk to. Heck he has been extremely patient and willing to let the relationship between you to be very casual.

    You are spending nights together and waking up the next morning You are missing him and want him to be there with you.

    I think you know that answer to your question, if you really listen to your heart and instinct. You are already in a relationship with him, you just haven’t officially communicated it. He is worth the jump and risk

  8. I think IT guy is the one. He seems to check off all the things you want. If you are missing him while you are in Vegas then there is more to the 2 of you than just friends with benefits. That is how it started with me and my guy and we have been married for 13 years this May!

  9. Thanks for the Update of IT Guy , but really if possible please still looking forward what happen when you were a date with him and I also wanna know Lana date with hot dentist…Btw I vouch for IT Guy all the way , Prayers for all of you stay safe and have fun in Vegas.

  10. He wants you the way you are and more importantly he’s letting you know it. No games- he’s being up front saying he’s into you and from his statement is being monogamist and that’s why he mentioned his feelings, w/o pressure, b4 u left for Vegas. He’s a keeper seriously😘

  11. All of the above. IT guy sounds like a great fit for you. You can be who you are and he allows you to live like you ‘think’ you should be. But when you get back home. Take some time on your own and really think about what you want in a man and relationship and see where IT guy fits! I’m going to bet he ticks every box. (Is that too dirty?). Have a great Vegas time and come home safe!

  12. At the very least, you can give the boy a cupcake with sprinkles for his honesty.

    “I don’t want to hurt you” sounds like he’s not ready to make any commitment to you.

    “I don’t want you to think you hurt me” sounds like he doesn’t expect any commitment from you.

    Maybe I’m wrong but, for him, a “friends with bennies” thing may be all he wants. If you are happy with that, then pushing for anything else could push him away.

  13. The fact that he said he doesn’t want to hurt you makes me think he’s maybe not into as much as you think. Hope I’m wrong.

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