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Voting Coming For Next Stories!

​Hey Angels,

Hope your week is going ok.

Today I got a cold brew coffee with no pumpkin cream and I was really proud.

Except the reason I didn’t get the sugar was because Lana and I went out late last night and bought lofthouse cookies, those really soft ones? God they were so good and I ate THREE so I was like I’ll be good and not order sugary coffee.

But like then I remembered it was cold and today, even though fires are making my sinuses crazy, the weather/air outside is pleasantly chill. Which. Uhm. So that’s too cold still though for cold coffee. 

So I’m going to have to run to Starbucks again before the big store pitch session. 

All the authors – some in person and some on conference call – had this big meeting over the weekend to talk about everything we are putting out for the rest of the year and next. 

We wanted to talk about what kinds of series, and standalones, and who wanted to write with who, etc. 

It was all a lot of stickers and charts and spreadsheets, but I swear it is super important to bringing you the best books ever. And I’m SO EXCITED for the pitch session.

I’m going to share a bunch of the pitches tomorrow from all our authors and I want you to vote on which you’re most excited for!!!

And yes, thank you to everyone who said they would read more blog posts. Because all of us love talking to readers on the blog and more blogging is coming. lol I think we’ve all been busy trying to write books for the store and I’m handling all the emails right now, so one of the things we talked about in the meeting is that we need to make sure everyone gets a chance to hang out with the Angels. After all, you all said you’d be happy to read more blog posts!

Running the store is really important to me. To us all. We love being able to offer a real place – uncensored, un-bannable, no matter who tries to bring us down, and unstoppable, created to really give romance readers a place they enjoy to call home and read and hang out with friends.

So thank you for being a part of it!

Now before I start crying and running the rest of my Too Faced mascara down my cheeks (it’s not better than sex if it runs LOL and it costs so much) I want to tell you about today’s new additions to the store!!!

Two sexy new releases were added to the store today and on blog Aiden did a cover reveal for the sexy series he and Lana are working on on his blog for today!

>> Click here for the cover reveal of After School Stepbrother by Lana Angel and Aiden Forbes! <<

New in Angel Access, we have the fabulous start to a new world at Angel Books, and that world?

It’s called Pleasure. Mhmm, yummy, yummy. 

Caroline Angel is writing a series about a small town where reverse harem / menage / polyandry is an accepted part of the small town charm. It all starts with this first story – just $1.99 for sale, or FREE in Angel Access.

We also have a new release – just $2.99 for a NEW Filthy Fantasy collection. This time, the novella Kim Vs. Stepbrother by yours truly, Alexis Angel, is included, and then there’s 3 exclusive new stepbrother stories.

All. Featuring. Stepbrothers!

Happy Reading Angels!

Also I remember that I said I couldn’t wait to tell you what happened before but in well, lol, classic me style… cliffhanger! Because this post is getting sooper long and I need hot coffee before today’s pitch session!

Hugs, kisses, and so much love to you babes

xoxoxo Alexis