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Vegas Wedding!

So anyways, yesterday I had the rant about men and how they’ve gone so soft that they don’t want to work and expect people to take care of them instead of taking care of their women. Well, so I was thinking this because Gym Dude was being so needy.
First he was like “Are you gonna hook up with anyone while in Vegas?” and I was like “Listen dude, we’re not going out and we’re not exclusive. What the hell is it with guys. I told you we weren’t in a relationship. California isn’t even a state I’m a resident in – I’m just crashing with my friend Alexis.”
And then he goes on to say, “Also can I borrow some money while you’re gone?”
Now he has a reason for saying this.
Everytime we go out, he very rarely pays. I’m usually the one paying. Sure, he pays for stuff, but where I pay for dinner at a sit down restaurant, he’ll pay for hot dogs. I usually don’t think this, but it’s like I’m the man in this not-relationship we have here.
So there he said it. He needed to borrow money.
“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked him.
“I just got paid and I don’t have enough to last me I think,” he said.
I just looked at him.
I mean imagine how I felt. I’d always been in the back of my mind thinking why am I always paying for things. Like the check would come and he would look at me or find something to do or find something to occupy him.
I guess whatever money he made was going away faster than he could handle it. But then to turn around to borrow money when I was going to Vegas just rubbed me the wrong way.
It’s not even borrowing money so we could hang out. It’s borrowing money so he could live while I’m not there.
It’s like he was looking at me to be responsible for him.
I don’t know, Angels, it just seemed….wrong. On a couple different levels.
But what was I going to say here?
“I don’t know,” I said to him. “Its pretty tight here too.”
Then he reaches over and tries to kiss me.
I let him. But then he grabs my ass.
The dude wants to borrow money from me and then he wants to fuck me?
For the first time in a long I pulled away and was like yeah, no I’m not in the mood. Sorry.
I didn’t talk much to him before I left.
But then when I was in Vegas he texted me again.
He was asking if I could Venmo him some money because he needed to buy cigarettes and get movie tickets.
I wonder what I did to make him think I was his ATM.
And the thing about it is that I didn’t even realize that he had no shame about it. Like no “I’m sorry to have to ask you,” or anything.
Nothing where he even felt embarrassed.
More like he asked and expected me to let him borrow money because he asked.

33 thoughts on “Vegas Wedding!

  1. Soooo…how does the title of your blog relate to “poor boy”?

  2. Wow, I don’t even know what to say. Doesn’t he have a roomate, gym dude and gym bro? He should have plenty of cash if they split the bills. But even so, just to come out and ask, get told no pretty much and then beg again while you are gone. No, just no. Then to top it off so he can buy cigarettes and movie tickets? That’s not even remotely sexy 🙁

  3. Sounds like someone needs to go bye-bye…you are not his sugar momma and you can definitely find a good bed buddy in other places…

  4. From a man’s point of view, you need to completely drop him. He’s not a man. He’s a wimp.

  5. Movie ticket(s) plural. Uhh, for whom? Nah, nope, Nada, no way. Bye bye gym guy.

  6. Nope nope nope, cut that boy loose! It was fun while it lasted but those boys have overstayed their welcome in the bachelorette pad!
    You are t his keeper and right now he thinks you’re funding him.

    1. Yeah everyone has the same idea! Bye bye Gym Dude…no self respecting man would do that…he’s a loser…he had his fun and so did you but it’s time for you to find a real man! Good luck kid…get out there now and find a man and don’t take no for an answer!! Gym Dude kicked to the curb!!

  7. One thing I’m insistent on is that any guy I’m even half way interested in is financially responsible and independent. I’m not talking about a guy being rich. But I expect a man to have a job and to live within his means – pay his bills first and then party with whatever is left over. Because I want a man — not a boy. I don’t mind going halves on a date and I’m perfectly okay with a pizza date (or hot dogs) if that’s all his budget allows for. I’m not a diva. But any guy I’m dating will have the self-respect and pride in himself to support himself and not be looking for others to bail him out. Lose this guy. He’s nothing but a self-involved boy. Like you said — you’re not his ATM

    1. Amen LadyCat! He’s a boy not a man. I’m like you. I’m not a diva and they don’t have to be rich but be a man and work hard. Pay their own bills and then party after bills are paid. Don’t mooch off me because you think I will support you. No way! Nada! Dump any boy that expects that! Because that’s all they are is a self entitled boy.

  8. Ok wow. I agree with Denise.
    Movie ticket “s”, why is he buying more than one & why would he think you would pay for him & someone else to go have fun without you.
    Also cigarettes & going to the movies aren’t things that he needs to survive.
    Like maybe (& that’s a big maybe) if his powers about to be cut off or he doesn’t have enough food for the week.
    But to not be embarrassed at all about asking you, I’d be like “hell no, go ask your roommate”.
    And if this is gonna start to be a thing, I don’t see him lasting much longer.
    Stick to your guns Nat, he needs to start providing too.
    Sorry if that was a bit brutal, this kind of thing just frustrates me.

  9. Are you kidding me. Really?? What a douche. He definitely needs to go bye bye. He’s a grown man but acts like a teenager. Doesn’t know how to live within his means. Give up smoking and going out if you don’t have the money. You are not his ATM. Geez, not even a girlfriend. Several years ago, I had the same experience with a guy. I did him a favor by paying his phone bill one time, then he expected it every month. And we were not seeing each other that much. I told him no and dropped him so fast I know his head was spinning. He tried to text me and I blocked his number; then he used friends and his brother’s phone to text me. I knew it was always him because he would text anywhere from midnight to 4AM. Like I didn’t have a job to go to and needed some sleep. Get rid of this a@#hole. Sweetheart, you don’t need him or his problems.

  10. Are you sure he doesn’t wear skinny jeans? I’m just gonna say this hopin’ I don’t piss you off: Put your big girl panties on and stop messing around with that idiot! He’s not being “needy”. He’s being “usery”….and yes! I just made that word up!

    1. wow… both these gym guys have turned out to be losers. Ditch him Nat, you really don’t want anyone who needs bankrolling. Doubt if you’ll have a problem replacing him with someone worthy !!

  11. OH.HELL.NO.!!!

    It reminded me about my daughter’s live in looser ex boyfriend (baby daddy)asking her if he could borrow money so he could take his current girlfriend out on a date!!
    (True story).
    I agree with thunder1970nn, these are not men! They are leaches that will suck you dry if you let them. Kick this Boy the the curb and tell him to kick rocks!!

  12. I have no idea why he would think you would pay for his vises. You work hard writing stories to earn your money to pay your bills. I believe he had a lot of nerve to ask you to loan him money after he was paid and did not have enough to pay his bills. I work full time and have trouble paying my bills so I make payments of $5.00 a week by money order to pay bills. I make my rent payment weekly, 2 payments for bills, then I have some spending money, I limit my vise spending to one day a week, payday. I play the lottery one day a week.

  13. Yeah, Denise and Renee nailed it. Tell him bye-bye and tell him why: you support yourself and you expect the adults in your life to do the same.

    And, if you really want to be mean, tell him that sex with him isn’t worth the price. 😈

  14. Nat, don’t just walk away….run! It will only get worse.

  15. Really?!?! WTF?? Ditch the leach! Bonnie’s right…it will only get worse if you don’t stop it now.

  16. Time to say: BYE!!! Just tell him like you told us. You’re not an ATM and it’s about time he stands on his own & not depend on your money.

  17. As an older married woman all I have to say is drop the guy and kick him to the curb. I use to be the only woman in a department with 25 guys after 4 years working there I learned a lot about the male brain. You are being used for quick sex and as a cash cow. He probably is using you to keep up appearances with other women. He is proving to be a loser and a needy would be stalker one. Tell him to get lost and lose your phone number. I made the mistake of being nice, just nice to needy guys in the past and they would get all stalkerish and possessive. You don’t need him.

  18. Just no. Hell no. F*ck no.

    How old is this boy anyway? Does he work a 40 hr a week job?

    And when/what/who is involved in the “Vegas wedding”?!?

  19. Holy shit!! I can’t believe he has the balls to ask you for money and after you say no he texts you to send him money. What a dirtbag! He’s TRYING to use you and I’m happy to see you’re not letting him. Cut him off, block his number and find yourself a “real” man that will treat you like the goddess you are!!! Or just have fun and do what men like to do, fuck ’em and leave ’em….

  20. That is so wrong on so many levels! You don’t need him.

    1. “I just got paid and I don’t have enough to last me I think” what sort of dumbass asks for money and in the same sentence says they just got paid!! Then have the nerve to ask you when you are not even with him. This guy is pathetic and not worth another second of your time, as you said you are not even dating…. time to give him the flick!! And hope you did go wild in Vegas 😉😉

  21. Oh my gosh Natalie, I can’t believe he asked you for money period. What an a$$hat, you aren’t his mother and if he can’t afford to buy his own cigarettes then he needs to QUIT. I used to smoke, long before they became so darn expensive and I still wouldn’t give someone else money to buy theirs. In my opinion, this boy needs to grow up. If he can’t support himself, he needs to move some place he can afford to live and pay for his own wants. I have to agree with everyone else, he needs to hit the road and lose your number.

  22. Hit the ROAD, Gym Rat…
    And don’t ya come Back NO More, NO More, NO More, NO MORE!
    Just Hit the ROAD, Gym RAT…
    And don’t ya come BACK NO MORE!
    Don’t ya come BACK NO MORE…
    Don’t ya come BACK NO MORE!

  23. Huh! The sex must’ve been out of this world to hide this not so little dependence problem he seems to have!
    Like just about everyone has already said, you might want to ditch this one before he ends up getting into your own finances…
    I was with a guy, loooooong time ago in the dark ages, who was really a great Kay, but had absolutely no self sustaining system. He’d crash on friends couches (or in my room), unless he absolutely had to stay a couple of days at his mom’s, because he had no intention of getting his own place…probably ever. He actually took me to friends’ houses when my flat wasn’t available to hook up, and knew a lot of people who somehow put up with this behaviour. Yeah, me too, but I figured from the beginning that it wasn’t something that would last, and was enjoying myself. Can’t say I’m really proud of my own behaviour, since I was probably using him, too. But when it got old, it was bye bye baby, its been fun. He never understood why. They don’t.
    Of course, it’s up to you to know what, and who, you want in your life, but guys like this don’t and won’t change.

    1. Great *lay*… No idea what autocorrect was thinking, there, to write in Kay…

    2. Sorry, but when you say that he asks you for money and you pay when you go out, to me he is a big LOSER. Dump him and find someone that values you.

  24. Shut that shit down right now!

  25. RUN!!! As fast as you can….It’s time to kick him to the curb!!!

  26. I hope you told him to f@*k off.

  27. Done and done- kick him to the curb and make sue he knows why!!! Seriously?!

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