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Vegas Baby!

Hey Angels!

So Natalie needs to finish part two of Officer Sexy because that was a fun night but I needed to interrupt the news to tell you guys something exciting!
We had so much fun the other night and during yesterday’s company meeting I came up with a brilliant idea!
The authors that make up the store are going to do a company offsite in Las Vegas!
We need to pick the hotel and finalize the dates but I’m thinking maybe Sunday to Thursday. That will mean we can all meet and plan the things we need to figure out for the store.
Don’t worry. We’ll still be having new releases because everyone will be prepared with their projects. And we’ll still have books going into AngelAccess.
But what happens in Vegas doesn’t just stay in Vegas. It’s gonna be posted on the blog – especially if hilarity ensues!
I’ve already talked to all the authors. I think Lana and Natalie and Daphne are set to go and already are packing their backs basically lol. Paige is able to take the time off. Liz is a bit iffy but she’s trying to sort things through. Callie is like what the fuck just happened. She thought she was just gonna write. Sophie and Hannah are down to go but they’re thinking about plans with significant others.
So we’re gonna get a suite maybe or double up to a room. We’ll actually be doing work related stuffs too and not just drinking and sitting by the pool and getting fucked.
But there’s obviously going to be lots of that too lol.
I’m so excited about this and to be honest it took a little bit of convincing to the others. Lana was a bit skeptical but Natalie and I were able to convince her. Callie is a bit skeptical too. She’s like uhmm you haven’t even released my author interview and done the introductions proper and I’m like yeah we’ll get to it. But I mean she came around eventually.
One thing that it did do though is it got Lana looking through my underwear drawer.
See I dunno how it happens but everytime we do laundry some of Lana’s panties end up in my drawer. I mean we throw it in a big pile and I seem to always get the sexy ones. So she’s been like ok if I’m gonna go to Vegas then I need to reclaim all the things you took because normally I don’t care because I mean you’re not going away but I need my panties because I’m seriously like why am I left with granny panties Alexis?
And so I’m like exasperated and pulling down my yoga pants and like ok are these yours?
And Lana is like omg.
But I don’t mean to take them from her! They just end up in my drawer because I’m like ooh this is sexy. And to be fair Nat is the same way. I think some of my shit has ended up in her drawer too.
I suggested to the girls that we have a communal underwear drawer and they were like uhm no. I’m just trying to be efficient.

4 thoughts on “Vegas Baby!

  1. I’m like 90 percent sure I won’t come back married to Alexis. Or Callie. Haha. But yeah I think I need to go shopping after I finish my chapters today. I’m super excited! I kinda hope Nat and Daph write another Vegas book but I wonder how legible the words would be with all the booze? You know we’ll be working!! We have so many amazing books coming soon <3

    1. I’m excited just to hear about the shenanigans you all get up to 🙂 . Have a blast girls. Look out Vegas, here come The Angels!!!!!

    2. WooHoo🙌🏼 Vegas Baby!!!!

      Hey, an author that I follow has her own APP….. you guys should totally get one!! Think about it in between your drinking and fucking😉

      Have a great time!

  2. All I can think to say is; Watch out Vegas, you are in for some craziness that you’ve never seen before.

    Hope, no I know, ya’ll are gonna have a blast and can’t wait for updates 🙂

    Bon Voyage

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