Urban Cowgirl Contemporary Romance 3.3B

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“No way,” I hiss. “If you have anything to say, you can say it right here.”

“I’m trying to be polite,” she growls right back at me.

“You should’ve thought of that before sleeping with my boyfriend.”

“What the hell’s going on here?” Karen cries out, slamming the palm of her right hand down onto the desk.

“She’s a bitch!” Ellie and I cry out in unison, pointing toward each other. Our eyes lock and, for a moment, I feel like a gunslinger in some wild west town, meeting her arch nemesis at high noon.

“I’m a bitch?” I ask her, barely believing that she had the gall to call me that. “You sleep around with my boyfriend and I’m the bitch?” By the time the final word leaves my mouth, my pitch has grown so loud that a few people outside Karen’s office have already stopped working just so they can pay attention to the scene.

Don’t do it, Ashley, my inner voice tells me, but I disregard its wisdom faster than I could’ve snapped my fingers. Gritting my teeth, I cock my arm back and send the palm of my hand flying straight into Ellie’s face.

The sound of my hand hitting her sweet little face is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

“You’re dead,” she growls, her cheek glowing red.

Before I have the time to react, she jumps toward me and yanks on my hair. I do the same, grabbing her hair by the root, and it doesn’t take long before the two of us are rolling on the floor of Karen’s office, our fingernails like daggers.

“ARE YOU INSANE?” Karen screams out, but we don’t pay her any attention.

I don’t know how long we keep at it, but by the time security barges into the office to break us apart, I’m breathing so hard that my lungs feel as if they’re about to pop.

“Unbelievable,” Karen hisses, looking from me to Ellie with a furious expression etched deep on her face. “I give you two the opportunity of a lifetime in the fashion world and this is how you thank me? YOU’RE FIRED!”

“Karen, I—”

“Out of my office!” She hisses, and the security guys simply nod and drag Ellie and I out of the office, only stopping when they throw us out on the street.

“You got me fired!” Ellie screams out at the top of her lungs, walking toward me the moment the security guys return inside the building.

“And I’d do it again,” I whisper, slapping her as hard as I can for the second time.

            Without giving her a second look, I turn on my heels and step inside the first taxi I find.  Closing my eyes for a moment, I think of Peter and the dinner we agreed on.

            After this…I don’t think I can make it.

            I  can’t fall into the same trap again.

            I might have lost my job, but I’m not going to throw my pride away.

            I’ll find my way in life without Peter.




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You’ll cum till you collapse…