Urban Cowgirl Contemporary Romance 3.2G

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I can’t believe I said yes.

            It’s stupid, I know, but I’m starting to feel a little hopeful now. Sure, Peter made a stupid mistake, but does that mean I have to end things with him?

My brain ‘says’ yes, but my heart…

            Maybe he has learned his lesson. This could be the one thing that turns him into a better man, one that will love me fully. Yeah, I don’t know if I buy that entirely but…at the very least, I have to find out where this road leads to.

            “Ashley?” One of the young interns calls me, poking his head inside my office. “Karen wants you in her office.”

            “On my way,” I chirp happily, a spring to my step as I head down the hall. As I close in on Karen’s office, I take a deep breath and try to put my game face on. As happy as I am that things might work out with Peter, I still have to act professionally.

            “Ashley,” Karen beams, jumping to her feet the moment she sees me stroll inside her office. “I want you to meet Ellie, your new intern” she continues, pointing to the woman standing in front of her desk—she turns to me slowly, her blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulders.

            The moment I see her face, my heart skips a beat.

I can’t think. I can’t breathe. 

No, it can’t be.

            She’s the woman I caught Peter cheating on me with.

            “No way,” I mutter under my breath, feeling my blood run cold.

            “You’re Ashley?” Ellie mutters just like me, her face gone pale. We don’t say anything for the longest second of my entire life, but then she finally carries on. “Do you think we could have a word in private?”

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Can she take us both?