Urban Cowgirl Contemporary Romance 3.1D

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“I’m so sorry,” I mutter, saying it so fast that it sounds like I’ve strung the words together. The stranger just looks at me, amusement spreading all over his face while he completely ignores the large coffee stain that has taken over his shirt.

“Not a problem,” he says, that British twang in his words making my heart pick up the pace. I remain standing in front of him, my feet glued to the floor as I try to think of something to say. I take so much time that he just laughs, pulling my empty cup out of my hands and throwing it into a nearby trash bin.

“Sorry,” I say once more. “I’m so damn clumsy and—”

“Hey, it’s fine, really. I’m not upset,” he laughs once more. “You’re the one who should be upset. You just spilled a rather nice cup of coffee, haven’t you? What do you say we walk out and I buy another one?”

Did he…just offer to buy me coffee?

Let me get this right: I crash against this hot British guy, ruin his shirt, act like a complete idiot, and he asks me out for coffee? Because he’s definitely asking me out, there’s no doubt in my mind that’s what this is.

And, God, he looks so handsome.


No, I can’t do this.

“Sorry!” I cry out, clutching my purse against my chest and turning around so fast that my hair whips me across the face. “I’m late for my job!” With that, I start running down the gallery as fast as I can, the click of my shoes against the polished marble floor like the manic sound of a machine gun.

I only stop when I’m outside, breathing so hard that I start to feel dizzy.

God, I can’t believe I actually ran out of there.

Seriously, is there a bigger idiot in the world than me? I doubt it. Why the hell did I act like a virgin teenager when that guy did nothing more than to offer to buy me a cup of coffee?

Well, if anything, what just happened made something very clear: I’m not ready to jump back into the dating game.

Yup, no more men for me, at least for now.

What I need is to work on myself.

The men? Let fate handle that.




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