Urban Cowgirl 3.2B

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Please read this story and then decide your actions at the end to get to the next section! Leave your comments below on how you want the story to go!

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“This is…” I hesitate for a moment, my heart beating faster inside my chest. I wasn’t expecting him for him to hit me with such a question…and, truth be told, I have no idea on what I should tell him. “Fun. This is fun.”

            “Just fun?” He asks me, his eyes locked on mine. I can feel the tension of his fingers on my thighs, hesitation coupled with desire washing over his face. He wants me, that much I can tell, but he doesn’t want this to be just fun.

            He wants something more.

            “Is there’s something wrong with fun?” I ask him, a note of hesitation seeping into my voice as well.

            “No…it’s just that…”

            “I just need to be with someone,” I whisper, trying to read the expression on his face. “I’m not ready for more than that.”

            “I understand.” Sighing, he looks into my eyes. He pushes one lock of hair away from my face, tucks it over my ear, and then offers me a smile. “I can’t do this, Ash. You mean a lot to me. You’re more than…just fun.”

            Now’s my turn to sigh.

            I cast my eyes down, not knowing what to say. “I’m sorry,” I finally manage to tell him, softly rolling to the side and laying my back against the mattress. “I really am.”

            “You don’t have to be,” he says. “I’m just glad you were honest with me.”

            With that, he softly lays a kiss on my face. Swinging his legs off the bed, he goes up to his feet and starts heading toward the door. I remain there, frozen in place as I watch him go, and I don’t move until I hear the soft click of the door latch falling into place.

            Running one hand through my hair, I exhale sharply as I stare up at the ceiling.

            It’s better like this.

            I don’t want to rush into things, and I sure as hell don’t want to break other people’s heart to mend my own. Right now, what I need to do is focus on myself.

            In the end, you have to learn how to love yourself before you can love others.

            And that…that’s what I need to do.




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