Urban Cowgirl 3.2A

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“More than you can imagine,” I whisper, a smile spreading across my lips as I look into his eyes. “This means…so much, Ben.”

            “You don’t know how much I wanted to hear that,” he replies, a smile spreading across his lips. Tangling his fingers on my hair, he pulls me down so that his lips can meet mine. “I’ve wanted you for a long time…and I really care for you. More than you can imagine.”

            “That makes two of us,” I find myself saying, feeling more at home in his arms than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. “All my life…I’ve been waiting for you.”

            “And here am I.”

            Surrendering myself to him, I let his hands go down the side of my body, the warmth of his fingertips sending a shiver up my spine. We tear the clothes off each other’s bodies, our fingers working in a frenzy as frantic anticipation cracks its whip at us.

            With my lips on his, I slide one hand down from his chest to between his legs, gently curling my fingers around his hardness. I close my eyes as I feel his desire for me, and then I guide him home, my body burning from the inside out as he enters me.

            “I love you, Ashley,” he groans as I sway my hips, the rocking motion of my body against his pulling us both into a frenzy. He starts thrusting upward, his fingers buried deep in my flesh, and ecstasy rushes through my veins like a flood.

            “And I love you,” I tell him, barely believing that I finally found everything I was looking for. All these years away from each other, and all it took was a chance reunion for whatever flame there was between the two of us to turn into a bonfire.

            Arching my back, I rest the palm of my hands on his chest and let instinct take over me. I ride him hard, lust and love taking the steering wheel as happiness floods my brain. It doesn’t take long for that sweet pressure to build up inside me, pleasure pooling in every fiber of my being as the countdown for the final explosion begins.

            “I’ll never leave your side,” he groans, his hands roaming over my body as he thrusts hard, the way in which he does it…oh, how do I even describe it?

            “I don’t you want to,” I moan out loud, beads of sweat trickling down my forehead. “I want you…no, I need you by my side. Always.”

            No other word leaves our lips.

            A slight groan escapes his lips as his whole body tenses up, and then I come undone. Fireworks explode behind my shut eyelids as Ben holds me tight, a blanket of pleasure covering us both at the same time.

            “This was…”

            “Amazing,” I breathe out, collapsing on top of him, my head nested on the steady rise and fall of his bare chest. “It was perfect.”

“And it’s only the start,” he whispers into my ear. I smile, knowing it to be true. “Our story begins now, Ashley.”

The End

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