Urban Cowgirl 2D

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            “Ugh,” I groan as I kick the sheets back.

            Feeling as if there’s a concrete shaker lodged inside my skull, I somehow manage to sit up on the bed. Only then do I realize that I’m completely naked. More than that, I’m not in my bed…and this definitely isn’t my bedroom.

            Where the hell am I?

            The hazy memories from last night come rushing in a fraction of a second. I remember the long walk to that dive bar, getting hammered on endless tequilas, and then playing darts with—crap, what was his name? James?

Yeah, he told me his name was James.

            I don’t know how it happened, but somehow my lips ended up meeting his.

            One thing led to the other, and now here I am, sitting on his bed and with all my clothes lying discarded on the floor. Dragging my teeth across my bottom lip, I remember how it felt to wrap my legs around his waist and pull him, his body eager to devour mine.

For a moment, I think about Peter and feel guilty…and then I remember how that lying bastard cheated on me in my own bed. Thank God I decided to go out last night instead of staying at the apartment. At least I got to have some amazing sex. I might not have been completely sober, but I still remember how James knew exactly what he was doing. He was definitely way better than Peter once was.

Pushing myself off the bed, I start picking up my clothes from the floor when I hear water running from an adjoining room. Someone’s taking a shower, and since James isn’t here in bed with me…it has to be him.

Shifting my weight from one foot to the other, I eye the closed bathroom door for a second and then look down at the clothes hanging limply from my fingers. I know I’m already late for work, but last night was so damn good…

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