Urban Cowgirl 2B

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Please read this story and then decide your actions at the end to get to the next section! Leave your comments below on how you want the story to go!

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            Great, I’m up.

            Why couldn’t I sleep for, like, an eternity? I’d be totally down to hibernate like a bear instead of having to go out and face the world. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to get out of the apartment after a night spent crying my eyes out?

            “Shit,” I mutter under my breath as I swing my legs off the bed, my socks landing on the spot where I dropped the bottle of red. The stench of stale red wine climbs up my nose, and I suddenly feel nauseous.

God, I didn’t even have dinner last night.

            I caught Peter in the act, transformed into Storm Ashley, and then there was that cop at my door. The rest of the night I devoted to crying. No time for dinner in such a packed schedule.

I wonder who the hell called the police…maybe Peter? Or perhaps his blonde friend? What does it matter anyway, right? Even though I didn’t spend the night behind bars, I sure as hell spent it hiding under the sheets, crying so hard I thought I’d die of dehydration.

            Spoiler alert: I didn’t.

            Dragging my wet feet out of the bedroom, I make my way toward the kitchen. I got to put something down on my stomach before I leave for the office. And that’s if I manage to get to the office.

After the shittiest night of my life, I’m tempted to take the day off.

Not the best thing to do on the day right after you got promoted, I know, but I doubt things can get any worse. I’ve already lost my boyfriend and my apartment is a total mess. I doubt that taking a day off will make matter worse.

Sighing, I lean against the counter as I think on what to do.

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