Urban Cowgirl 2.2J

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Please read this story and then decide your actions at the end to get to the next section! Leave your comments below on how you want the story to go!

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“You did it!” I cry out, pointing one shaking finger at Ellie.

            “Did what?” I hear Karen ask behind me. “Calm down, girls, and tell me what the hell’s happening.”

            “My boyfriend cheated on me with her,” I reply, my finger still pointed at Ellie. “And then she called the cops on me! It was you, wasn’t it?”

            “Yes, it was,” she hisses, a pissed-off expression spreading across her face. Why the hell does she get to be pissed-off anyway? She has no right after what she did. “You were acting crazy. I had to do something. I thought you were going to kill Peter.”

            “Yeah?” I hiss right back at her, taking one step forward. “Maybe I should’ve. He kinda deserves it, doesn’t he?”

            “Calm down, will you?” She tries to tell me as she folds her arms over her chest. That just makes me even more furious.

            “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down!”

            “Then act like a normal person!”

            “I’m acting normal! You’re the one who’s acting like a bitch!”

            I don’t even see it coming. She cocks her arm back, her fingers stretched wide, and the palm of her hand flies straight into my face. I hear the loud smack, and then the pain flares up on my right cheek.

            She slapped me.

            She fucking slapped me.

            “Girls! Calm down!” Karen shouts, but I’m way past hearing her.

With my arms stretched in front of me, I grab Ellen by the hair and push her back against the wall. She does the same, her fake nails tangling themselves on my hair, and we both tumble to the floor, clawing and scratching at each other.

            It takes two security guys to pull us apart, and by the time they manage to do it I’m so out of breath it feels as if my lungs are about to burst.

            I guess my lucky heels didn’t work this time: I mean, two shitty days in a row?

            Just perfect.

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