Urban Cowgirl 2.2I

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“Is everything okay?” I hear Karen ask from behind me, but her words reach me muffled and confusing. Right now, the only thing I can hear clearly is the furious thumping of my own heart.

            “No, nothing’s okay,” I hiss past my gritted teeth, my fingernails digging into the palm of my hands. “I can’t have this…this woman as my intern.”

            “Why the hell not?” Going up to her feet, Karen walks around her desk and positions herself right between Ellie and me, eyeing us with an annoyed expression. “Will anyone please explain what the hell’s going on?”

            “I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday,” I start to explain, my eyes never leaving Ellie’s. Her face has gone pale, and she looks as if she’s shell-shocked. I guess I wasn’t the only one surprised by the encounter. “And I broke up with him because I caught him cheating on me…with her!”

            “Is this true?” Karen asks, her gaze boring down on Ellie. “Well?”

            “Yes,” she finally lets out, lowering her gaze to her feet. “But I had no idea Peter was Ashley’s girlfriend. If I knew Ashley would be my boss, I—”

            “Wait,” Karen cuts her short, holding one hand up in the air. “If his girlfriend wasn’t your new boss, then it’d be okay?”

            “That’s…that’s not what I meant,” she stammers, looking from me to Karen, almost as if she was looking for a lifeline. Well, I’m not going to throw her one, that’s for sure. “I just don’t want my personal life to get in the way of things at work.”

            “It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think?” I tell her, doing my best not to walk up to her and slap her blonde head the hell out of the office. She’s in luck—when I woke up today I decided to be a better person.

            “Well, shit,” Karen sighs. “This is not how I envisioned this to go, but Ashley’s right. There’s no way you can work under her, Ellie.”

            “But I wanted a position on the Style Coordinator’s office,” she tries to protest, but Karen just waves her down.

            “We’ll get you another position,” she merely says, sinking back down on her leather chair. “Don’t worry. There’s plenty of other stuff you can do around here.”

            Folding my arms over my chest, I look Ellie straight in the eyes and tap my foot against the floor, waiting for her to leave. She holds my gaze for a while, flames dancing there, and she finally turns around and leaves. For a moment I almost thought she was going to slam the door shut.

            “She’s pissed,” Karen tells me casually.

            “Not as much as I am.”

            “Be as it may,” she sighs, “but watch out. It’s not good to make enemies in this industry.”

            “I’ll keep that in mind.”

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