Urban Cowgirl 2.2F

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I take a deep breath to steady myself before I speak. I will not let Peter get under my skin. There is nothing he can say that will affect me.

“I don’t want to talk,” I say calmly. I breeze past him into the bedroom. Go into the walk-in closet and pull down the largest suitcase I have. It’ll have to do until I can send for my things. As I pack, I debate inwardly about where I should stay. A hotel would be nice. It’d be like a minivacation. Since I got that promotion, I can probably swing one of the ritzier places.

“Baby.” Peter’s voice startles me. I didn’t even hear him enter the closet. I should’ve locked the door.

“I told you I don’t want to talk,” I say again. “Please get out of the closet so I can change.” Peter steps back and closes the closet door for me. I zip myself into a work appropriate outfit that doesn’t smell like a dive bar. I take a few moments to breath before facing Peter again.

“You look lovely,” Peter smiles.

“Don’t try to flatter me,” I sigh. “It won’t work.”

“I wasn’t trying to flatter you. I really mean it,” Peter insists. I’m about to walk past him again but he stops me.

“Please, hear me out,” he begs. “I’m so sorry about last night. You have to believe that she meant nothing to me. I love you more than anything in the world.” I don’t believe him. I remember the look on her face. She thought she meant something. It wasn’t a one-time thing.

“I’m not doing this right now.” I say. I go back into the living room and find my work purse. It was right by the door where I left it after I noticed the woman’s clothing all over my floor. A wave of sadness breaks over me. I need to get out of here before I start crying.

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