Urban Cowgirl 2.1E

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I can’t believe I mustered enough courage to leave the apartment today, but here I am now. Wearing a grey pencil skirt and the best blouse I could find on my drawers, I look more than ready to kick ass on my first day as Style Coordinator. Not to mention that I’m wearing my lucky high-heels, the ones that never fail me whenever I want to have an extremely good day.

            And God knows I need one of those days right now.

            “Good morning, Karen,” I greet my boss after rapping my knuckles against the open glass door to her office. She waves at me with her hand, inviting me in, and offers me a wide smile.

            “Ready for your first day on the job, Ashley?” She beams, leaning back against her seat. “The first day is never an easy one.”

            “I’m more than ready for it,” I tell her with a nod. What I need right now is a challenge big enough that can distract me from all the problems in my personal life, and I hope that being Style Coordinator will provide enough of that to keep me busy. I’ve spent the whole night dreaming of Peter and the woman he was in bed with, and I desperately need something else to think about. “In fact, I’m anxious to get started.”

            “Good. I like that. Your new intern looked excited too. She even got here an hour earlier.”

            “My new intern?”

            “Yeah,” Karen laughs. “Didn’t I tell you? As Style Coordinator, you’ll have an intern working under you. I hope the two of you get along. She seems highly motivated.”

            “Good, I’m anxious to meet her.”

            “Great!” Karen continues, looking someplace behind me. “Because there she comes. Ellie! Get in here.”

            With a smile plastered on my face, I turn on my heels slowly, ready to greet the young girl that’s going to be working under my supervision. Going from what Karen said, she looks like she’ll be just perfect: I like working alongside motivated people.

            My smile doesn’t last long.

            “You’re Ellie?” I mutter, my jaw growing slack.

            “You’re Ashley?” She asks me in return, an expression of pure terror on her face.

            Standing in front of me is the woman I caught Peter cheating on me with.

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What if Cinderella had a lace thong instead of a glass slipper?