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Update soon.

Hey babes sorry for my silence. 10 Commandments has been added to Angel Access. I’ll have a new blog post tomorrow to catch you up.

lana will have one too. So she unblocked Winebar on my phone it turns out.

everything is ok. I just need to figure out how to tell the whole story.

5 thoughts on “Update soon.

  1. Sweet Jesus…
    You Ladies sure know how to BUILD Tension & leave a Girl Hang’n by a Thread!
    I’m tell’n ya NOW…
    Ya BEST give US ALL the Deets; NOT some trickle down Story IN bits & pieces (IDK if the post is XxXXtra LONG!) this TIME, Cuz you’ve already left US Hang’n, wait’n, pant’n, & Yes Absolutely, Positively just Starv’n for the 411 on this Situation… I can ONLY take the Tension Sooo Long!
    please, Please, PLEASE; I’m Begging You NOW… down, Down, DOWN on MY knees!
    Give it to ME… And give IT to ME GOOD! At this point, I’m dy’n for IT!

    1. I agree Leah. Lol

  2. Me too.

  3. DAMN girl! Leaving is in suspense is cruel and just plain mean! !ol…ok build it up and we will wait…just as long as IT guy is still in picture!!

  4. Me three! 🤣💖

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