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Uh oh…

Hey Angels!

Oops! I may have made a huge mistake. 

Yesterday I was doing some updates to the store. IT Guy isn’t really in the picture right now so a lot of the stuff to update the store is on me because like we’re not ready to pay for it yet. So I was doing that but I was doing it with a glass of wine. And then someone knocked on the door. 

And I went to go open it and it was FedEx because they delivered this package to me. It was this really slutty looking bikini that I got from this store that advertises on Instagram. But guess what? The delivery time was like 3 months or some crazy thing like that. I had bought this back when IT Guy was still in the picture and I was going to wear it and then do a little dance for him and suck his cock lol. 

But anyways so it here and I decide to try it on and look at myself in the mirror. And one thing leads to another and I get another glass of wine and I’m feeling good and this bikini is seriously really scandalous. 

So I go call Lana to come to my room and check it out and she’s like ya there are some countries you probably would get arrested if you wear that. Also if you sneeze your boobs might pop out and I’m like that’s perfect then because that’s exactly what I was going for. Then Lana is like okay but if you like walk in this fashion I can like see everything there’s nothing left to the imagination and I’m like oh how is that and I try. 

We’re obviously just goofing off and having fun and I’m doing poses. 

And then I spill my glass of wine on my computer so Lana shrieks and yells and goes to get a towel but it’s not enough time so I whip off my bikini and use it to clean up my keyboard. 

Thankfully there’s nothing that got damaged on my computer but now I’m like naked sort of and I look at what happened and somehow I may have deleted yesterday’s blog post. Also I made like an entire selection of books like 99 cents but I don’t know which ones without going through them bit by bit and seeing what price they are and what price they used to be. Like the price doesn’t even show up on the book sometimes but it does during check out. And some other books are randomly free. 

So I’m like oh no what are we gonna do and Lana is laughing because I’m like hunched over my computer sorta without any clothes on and she’s like why don’t you just keep the books as they are because its a funny story. Also you got red wine all over your light blue bikini does it need to be dry cleaned? If people find it they get a nice little bonus. 

So I was like yeah okay that’s a great idea. 

So if you find them Angels, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Uh oh…

  1. Only you😂

  2. Only you😂

  3. Lol….Thanks for the laugh!!
    Sorry about your itty bitty thingie but at least your computer is ok.

  4. Shoulda called IT the “Illicit Bikini & Wine Sale!” LOL
    THAT Story had Me ROTFLMAO… Thanks for the Memories Angels, I can always count on YOU to brighten MY Days!

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