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TWO New Books!

K so Daph’s my new book mom, everyone. It’s official.
The store’s lost its virginity again with two new books out and we couldn’t have done it without the lovely and incomparable Daphne Dawn!!

The great news is that BOTH new books are in Angel Access, babes.

Both have been highly anticipated but, hey, one I think is something we’ve all been waiting to read for a long time. The second season of Max Bid, Max Bet, begins today!!

One Love to Give 7 and Max Bet 1 are both live – you can buy One Love to Give 7 or read it in Angel Access.

Max Bet 1 is an Angel Access Exclusive!

Alexis – horizontal and sniffling with tissues but present – and all the Angels met today. The store is back. We have wonderful, filthy, exciting books coming for you.

Emails will start up again, too.

Again, thank you all for bearing with us. So IT Guy hasn’t updated (with Paige) yet because there’s a few more things to work out. But stuff IS coming :))) Many books. Many awesome features.

We love you all. We write for you. We publish for you.


And we thank you so much for all your support <3

4 thoughts on “TWO New Books!

  1. Yaaa

  2. I’m glad Alexa seems to be on the mend. Prayers and hugs for a full recovery soon. I’m excited for the new books. Just a heads up – One love to give 7 isn’t changing to zero cost through AngelAccess. 😘🤗

  3. Lana, I got both books today but the site charged me the $1.99 for Max Bet instead of giving it to me for free with Angel Access (order number 335716). I just paid for it with my gift card but didn’t know if anyone else had an issue.

    Thanks as always,

    1. Michelle and Ramona, sorry to hear you’ve had this issue. Poking around now to see how to fix it!

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