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Hey Angels!

Okay so Braveheart is looking down at us and he’s looking at Daphne and Lana and the three of us. Lana and I are having a good time and overall the lust level in this room is off the charts. I’ve cum a few dozen times and I’m like okay where in my purse did I put my condoms. But then I remembered that I thought I was gonna fuck Lana so maybe I forgot to bring condoms and only then do I realize that I always need to travel with three things: 1. Cell phone, 2. ID, 3. Condoms

I don’t even need a credit card lol because dudes can buy me anything or I can just unbutton an extra button on my blouse and maybe maybe find someone willing to extend me credit or not give me a ticket. More on the not give me a ticket later lol.

Anyways so Braveheart is like “I want to cum on you.”

And I’m like…already dude? We just sucked your dick for a little bit.

And then I realize wait, these dudes are like normal guys. They’re not living in an Alexis Angel novel. They couldn’t really hang with the people in our books who go for 10 rounds and then are ready to cum and they fill up a barrel.

Daphne is basically like a rag doll now and White Shirt and Black Shirt look at Braveheart and I get a wicked idea.

I’m like, “Why don’t you cum on all of us?”

And Braveheart looks like he’s gonna blow his load right there.

I lean back and I stroke my pussy a little bit and show him what I want him to do with my eyes and he gets the hint.

Two minutes later, he’s hungrily lapping and sucking at my pussy. I’m going back to paradise and I think Lana is sucking on my tits lol.

Daphne is making mewling and purring noises on the other side and I think she’s forgotten where she is. That’s one of the reasons she asked me to please write this part of the blog is because she says she was aware that Lana and I were there but she had no idea what we were doing when or how long we were there or who was there with us after a while. She said it was more like she was an animal that was feeling good and tingly and having orgasms but she had no idea who or what was going on.

I know the feeling. Have you ever cum so much that you get like sex brain where you’re like just zoning out? That was Daphne. I was getting there too especially because a combination of Lana playing with my nips and Braveheart sucking my clit I think I came like three times in a row. When he got up, I couldn’t feel my toes and my right leg was twitching.

Lana lay down and I returned the favor to her and Braveheart went down on her. She was super wet from all this and I think she yelled out real fast maybe within 30 seconds and came hard.

A few more orgasms, this time with more patience, and I looked at Braveheart and asked him.

“Are you ready for your present?”

He smiled and I smiled.

This was gonna be so dirty.