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Tonight’s the night!

Hey there Angels!

Just wanted to let you all know that tonight is the night that I’m planning on the date with Jock Sr. I got a pretty tasteful dress that’s still sexy and shows some boob and leg hahaha. 

Jock Jr. has been sending a few texts here and there but I haven’t really responded to him because I mean I’m going out with the dad. 

So the plan is that I’m going to meet him at this place for drinks and then we’re going to go get some dinner if things work out but otherwise its just a drink. 

It’s all very grown up and mature and I’m really proud of myself. 

Don’t get me wrong. I still can’t get the idea of both Jock Sr. and Jock Jr. doing me at the same time. But I think it’s just a fantasy that I’m going to have to keep to myself because I mean what kind of man would be comfortable doing that?

Whats the bigger concern is that Jock Jr. is going to be super pissed at his dad for stealing me away and sticking his dick inside of me. 

And what if I’m staying over and he hears us. 

Will he be jerking off to my moans and screams as his dad pounds me? This is assuming that his dad is gonna pound me into submission haha. 

What if I need to pee in the middle of the night and I’m naked and I run into Jock Jr. Is he going to want to fuck?

And what if he’s super gorgeous and I’m like okay lets do it. I’m not in a relationship with Jock Sr. so I don’t really owe him anything at this point except to make sure that we don’t get pregnant. 

All these thoughts. 

Some of these thoughts are pretty much useless ramblings of someone who hasn’t been out on a date in a while. 

Also just news about the Angels. 

Daphne and Alexis and Lana have been getting up to some trouble recently. I think you’re gonna want to find out what happens but I decided to take today’s spot to write about Jock Sr. 

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  1. Natalie,
    You go girl. I hope you had a fantastic time with Jock, Sr. and look forward to hearing more.

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