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Tonight… It’s Coming!!!

If you’re on the newsletter, then:

  1. You got an exclusive coupon!!
  2. You know that I’m announcing the Cyber Week deals on the blog later tonight!!!
  3. You know that I’m talking more about some fabulous releases coming for Cyber Week here on the blog tonight, too!!!

Hope you’re ready for some AWESOME stuff babes!!!!

5 thoughts on “Tonight… It’s Coming!!!

  1. Have been getting newsletters from you very sporadically. No big deal, but some might be on the list and not receive it, like me.

    1. Oh no!!! I checked and you should be getting them more frequently now, some weird technical thing and I guess you weren’t getting them babe <3 Thanks for letting me know!

      1. Like I said, it’s not really a problem. I do kind of miss stalki…erhm… following your life as well as seeing what new books are up, or out, or in…
        But I trol…uh, I mean FOLLOW (yeah, “follow”… Gotta remember to use that word!) the blog, and what’s left of the forums.
        Keep up the great job!

        1. Wow! Just went to see when the last email I got came through.
          It was June 12!

  2. I too have not been getting updates or updates on blog….mine still shows the black friday post….what am i doing wrong???

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