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Tomorrow: NEW books!!!

Okay so Daphne and I have been on the phone all day!

Ready to bring you the good news!

Tomorrow we’ll have new books!!!!

Yes, multiple books. I really appreciate — and we all do — all you lovely Angels that stuck through us as Alexis has been sick. She’s got a follow up doctor appointment soon and she’s starting to get more energy.

I told her that still means she needs to relax. I’m showing her TV shows on Netlflix and cooking for her. But I think she’ll have a new book out next week to be honest. I caught her writing haha and when I met with a few of our editors today they were like Alexis is getting better, her words are actually making sense… they laughed. I laughed. And then I was like, umm, how do I tell them don’t take chapters to edit from a sick lady??? But then I read them and they were good too. So oops.

But Daphne’s the one who’s got new books coming tomorrow. Several!!

Thank you again for sticking with us.

OH and today’s Angel Access book is Prince Vs. Billionaire. Yum!!

Please pray for Alexis! And please check in tomorrow for a special set of reads for you loves :)))))))))

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow: NEW books!!!

  1. Prayers are continuing


  2. Of course I will stick with all of you Angels. Y’all are, by far, my favorite authors and I try to make sure I don’t miss a book 🙂

    Prayers continue for Alexis and all of you. Being a caregiver is a tough job too Lana, so you be sure to take care of yourself.

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