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To Lana or Not To Do Lana lol

Hey Angels!

Ok so the electricity outage last week really wasn’t THAT bad. In fact I think based on when we woke up we only didn’t have power for like one day so that was great.

But you’re not going to believe this but tomorrow from 9 am to 2 pm we won’t be having any water.

I’m like thinking seriously, what kind of third world country am I living in you know? Because I thought this was California.

Anyways, so Lana and I and Natalie got away for the weekend to escape the power outage so we went down to visit my sorority sister from college. She just recently got divorced and her name was Anya and we thought it would be a good thing to cheer her up over the weekend and stuff.

So Anya reads from the store (Hey Anya!) and so when we got there we thought you know we’ll get some drinks, I’ll use my Nicorette lozenges instead of vaping, and scope out some guys and just generally have a good time.

Lana was even like oh look Alexis, you can teach her to be all slutty so she has fun and gets the divorce out of her system so I was like yeah lets do that.

So we get there and we all hang out for a bit and then we go get our nails done and then Lana was like oh my god they have a huge Michael’s and we figured why not do some crafts.

Except I’m really horrible at crafts but Anya was like all over that stuff and Lana and Anya built this crazy looking wreath. Natalie got into it too and I even managed to have some fun.

And then Anya is like lets go out and I’m like ok now we’re talking and this is more sorta my vibe. So we went out dancing and I was having drinks and sucking down Nicorette lozenges because I’ve been vape free for like a few days now – the first day is like really the hardest ever. I don’t know anything that’s harder than not vaping on the first day. But I went out for a run each day after that and I feel good.

Anyways we’re dancing and Anya starts talking to this guy and he’s nice and he and Anya are all over each other. So she invites him back to her place.

I’m like okay that’s awesome she’s going to get some.

So we get to her place and open up a bottle of wine and I stopped at CVS for some Nicorette mini lozenges (because this blog post might actually be about how I’m taking Nicorette lol) and Anya and this guy are getting handsy in the living room and I don’t really have a problem with it but I’m like ok it might be uncomfortable so I dunno what to do.

And then Anya like turns around and is like I wanna do it with Rando (That’s the name I’m giving him) and I’m like yeah ok you go girl.

But then she looks over to Lana and is like “Do you want to join us?”

And I’m like oh my god.

3 thoughts on “To Lana or Not To Do Lana lol

  1. WTH…you just left is hanging!! I’m thinking Lana said no…and as far as no watet? Welcome to my world! They are always shutting off the water here in my mobile home park! Some leak here or there so shut off water ALL day to fix it! In fact my neighbor had their’s shut off for week’s because of some pipe! I let them book a hose to my water so they didn’t have to do without totally! And no I didn’t charge them. So don’t complain when you have to do without a few hours! Lol And I’m only 45mins from you!!

  2. First of all, congrats on not vaping!! Have you been living under a rock, or just ignoring all the news stories about deaths from vaping?!?! Now, I’ll be the first to admit the news media can exaggerate somewhat, but when states are filing lawsuits, you can bet your sweet butt they’ve done their due diligence when researching for such lawsuits!!

    Secondly, W.T.F??? What did Lana say??? And why did Anya think a passion for crafting would translate to a passion for threesomes?!

  3. Is this Lana’s first 3 way with a woman? And Alexis is not asked?! Uhh, hmm.

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