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Things We Learned During Quarantine

Hey Angels!

I’m so glad the blog is back! We’ve totally realized a few things while it was out during this time. 1) We are so totally just a bunch of over-sharers lol. Without being able to share to people we don’t know what to do with ourselves. I mean Lana and I are telling each other things that we went through and we’re like we already knew this and then realizing that we need to tell the blog so that we can actually tell someone.

Number 2 thing that we realized is this. If you have sex with someone at work, you need to be able to laugh about it together before you either do it again or not do it again. So we had some really dirty escapades between Lana and Daphne and me. It was pretty hot. But at first we were like uhmm do we say anything more about this? And then Jose Cuervo decided to invite us for a party and we did shots of tequila (because what else is there to do during quarantine) and we started laughing about it and having fun and things became a lot more chill.

Number 3 thing that we learned. Working remotely sucks when you’re used to collaborating. That’s right. Working from home is fun and all if you’re like okay I don’t have to wear pants but a part of our fun doing the store is that for example I get to help one of the girls with her makeup and maybe they want to borrow something from my closet. So until we all moved into the same building that was totally not doable and now it’s a lot of fun.

Number 4 thing we learned is kinda clutch. And that is when you work with your friends sometimes you’re not really working at all but getting things done because you’re just having a lot of fun. As long as everyone is picking up their weight and there are clear lines of command it’s a lot of fun. What we do is have clear lines of command for certain aspects of the store.

Number 5 thing we learned. Quarantine was a great time to get in shape. All put together, I think we’ve gotten really fit all around. For me, I’ve quit vaping. I don’t smoke anymore. I just stick to alcohol lol. But the cravings are really gone and that’s because I work out twice a day now lol. I’m so into feeling the tiredness in my body that I can’t think of smoking. I guess that’s a good thing considering a respiratory illness is haunting the whole world.

So that is just a small number of the things I have learned. Tell me what you’ve learned during the March to July period that the blog was on hiatus?

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  1. One thing I’ve learned is that I absolutely hate being told to stay home. It never bothered me before this crazy pandemic monster but now it just irritates the crap out of me. I do it anyway because with my Dad’s age and all of his underlying conditions I don’t, or won’t, take a chance. I too am so glad to have the blog back and love hearing about what y’all are up to.
    Love and hugs to all,


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