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Things Are Finally Getting Back To Normal

Hey Angels!
So finally we’re coming back to some semblance of normalcy! I mean it was pretty touch and go there for a while. We finally have new releases coming back and it’s now all about integrating everything with AngelAccess.
Oh…try and take a wild guess who made the AngelAccess trailer. I’ll give you a hint. It’s someone that seems to have no problem picking up stuff and doing it well lol.
Anyway, so yesterday we all did laundry here in the House of Vice (which is what we’ve taken to calling my apartment since Lana and Natalie are sharing it with me for now).
Then as laundry was going Gym Dude came over and Natalie disappeared. I guess I can understand. They hadn’t had too much time together the last several days while we were working on AngelAccess.
So then Lana and I are sitting there and Natalie is in her room with Gym Dude and we start to hear them doing it! LOLOLOL!
And it’s like “oh yeah, baby,” and “fuck, that’s good.” and “oh! keep going!”
And then Lana is like looking at me and I’m looking at her and wiggling my eyebrows at her and she’s giggling and we decide to go and grab a bottle of wine.
Okay but we don’t have any wine in a bottle but I have some in a box and it takes me like 20 minutes to convince Lana that it hasn’t gone bad or anything.
But then we realize we don’t have any clean glasses.
So Lana is like hey, whats that glass all the way over there next to the TV?
And I look over and I’m like oh man.
This is crazy.

You guys remember back to the day when Natalie and I and Lana were doing like dirty things with Gym Bro (formerly known as Gym Rat) and Gym Dude?

And Lana made Gym Dude cum really hard by shaking her ass?

Well, Gym Rat/Bro was still jerking off. But just because he lost didn’t mean that I was giving up. I mean I had gotten him pretty hard and he was about to cum when Lana came and intervened. So I grabbed a glass and used my hand and within a few seconds he came.

it was like hot, thick, gooey and amazing.

At first I was planning on swishing it around and drinking it or something to be sexy or maybe pouring it over me but the bra I had on was like one of my last clean ones and I needed it (go figure) so I set it down next to the tv.

And we forgot about it.

A few days later all of us were like hey what’s that smell? And we thought it was the air vent from the air conditioner or something (I have central air) but we were like “it smells like a whorehouse in here” which led to “we’re some amazing whores, ladies! hell yea!” which led to us making margaritas and sorta forgetting about it.

But every so often we’re like why does it smell like sex???

And Lana is like “uhmm Alexis, is that the glass?”

And I’m like yep. That’s the one.

Literally sitting there one month. It’s dried out now but that explains the smell.

So then Natalie is still getting laid. It sounds like Gym Dude is thumping her head against the wall or something but Lana is giving me the side eye.

And guess what we end up doing?

We end up cleaning the apartment.


Anyway, we have a new author joining which means we now have 2 new interviews and things to put up and this is probably gonna be done by Lana or Liz or Paige today. But Callie is amazing and really funny! Check out her new book!


It’s a standalone book that is in a series so its got a HEA and no cliffhangers or cheating!


Rockstar Romantic Comedy

5 thoughts on “Things Are Finally Getting Back To Normal

  1. Eww!🤭 😝 lol

  2. Well, at least Natalie got some relief 🙂 Have to go get my books now, looking forward to the new author interviews. Ya’ll have a great one.

  3. Marie Kondo would stroke out if she ever walked into your place.

    Welcome, Callie!

    1. This cum does NOT spark joy!!!!

  4. OMG, just about spit out my coffee this morning laughing so hard!

    Speaking of some loud head banging, when I was just out of college I lived with three roommates in an old four bedroom house. I was in the shower one morning and heard the ‘pipes’ banging and quickly got out of the shower. The noise stopped and didn’t think much of it. As I was leaving the bathroom, I heard the banging again and loud grunts from my roommates bedroom. Later that day I told my roommates about my “scare” in the shower….thought the pipes were going to break. My ‘active’ roommate said yeah, thought we were loud, but the sex was so good. We all laughed and shared our own exploits.

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