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They’ve Got The Write Stuff!

Hey Angels!!!

So hahahahahaha I can’t think of a more Naughty Angel Publishing problem than this. Alexis and I were texting as she came home today, she walks in the door, and we both look up from our phones, take one look at each other, and bust out laughing.

So we have a new book coming out today and…

Our cover is too dirty for the store!

Our designer is redoing it but LOL it was hot.

I added The Write Stuff to Angel Access today babes and Callie Stone very dirty book will be out today… the cover designer is getting something new together!

Alexis said that her and IT Guy snuggled and cuddled and he watched Netflix with her and they DIDN’T have sex, he wants her to get her energy back. Alexis is like I have write sex if I can’t have it… but she’s been on the mend. So he comes over for breakfast and I guess those two couldn’t wait any longer, Alexis is in a better mood now haha. She’s doing WAY better and I’m so happy. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers Angels.

Here’s the blurb for today’s book FILTHY & FOREVER (coming soon), let us know what you think Angels!

We were supposed to be

I’ll never let her go — fuck consequences.

She’s mine to have … again and again.

A filthy blue collar miner like me shouldn’t put his hands all over her.

She’s a perfect angel. Body made to corrupt. I want to teach her sin.

Her parents told me that she was going to marry someone acceptable.

… But now I know she never gave up on us.

So I’ll make her mine. Corrupt her. Claim her.

Taste every drop up of her and make her scream.

She’s going to be my wife.
This woman is my whole life.

2 thoughts on “They’ve Got The Write Stuff!

  1. Book sounds great. Happy Alexis is feeling better. Tell Alexis to take it easy still so she does not have a relapse. I was feeling ill and went full throttle and had a relapse so I was down for 2 more days after being down for 3 days. It takes time to gain strength back especially with anemina.

    1. Message delivered, thank you sweetie.

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